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Deer Valley Unified School District Reviews

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Overall the district has good schools but the teachers in most cases just simply don't put forth the right amount of effort to help their students succeed. For instance myself and others are in dual enrollment classes, but our teachers seem to teach less with the higher the education. We aren't being given the learning and study resources we need.
Boulder Creek is the 4th high school I have gone to and most certainly it is the best. Teachers here go out of their way to make sure you understand the curriculum and that you personally are getting enough time to understand the topic. The use of iPads help a lot. They're easy to use and get students used to using technology since they will play a big part of our future.
I am currently in my last year of high school and overall I have had a decent experience with my school as well as my district. School has been very difficult if I am faced with teachers who aren’t willing to work with me. All in all though, I have had an adequate experience with my schooling.
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I really enjoyed all the amazing opportunities I had and all the new people I met. I have learned many different and new things than I have from previous schools. The administration is also very kind and they all work very hard to make sure students succeed. The teachers and counselors there are also all very supportive and have great teaching methods. The athletics for the district offer athletes a challenge to grow and become better at their sport. It's diverse with many different skills and talents and they offer a wide variety of sports and clubs to join to make sure students get connected with the school.
I liked that the school administration took action right away with the issue of vaping and other hardcore drugs. I also liked that they give us opportunities to take classes for college credit during high school. What I would like to see changed is the way they handle student conflicts. I don't like how they expect peer mediation to work for all problems. I don't think peers should be monitoring the problem because they might know each other and that's not beneficial.
What I liked about Deer Valley was there committed to there student and how they made sure that we understand everything before moving on to the next course. I liked all the activities they had going on so we could stay involve at school and prepared us for the world.
The Deer Valley Unified School District was an amazing district. The teachers and staff that work for them are amazing. The teachers are always there to help the students and they always explain the material very concisely.
My time spent at DVUSD was good but not great. Many staff members truly had a passion for what they did. There were few bad seeds at my school, but when a school teacher treats you like their prisoner and laughs about it something needs to change. It needs to be easier for students to report uncomfortable and inappropriate situations with teachers. Over all the good outweighed the bad, but this needs to be addressed.
I adore the Deer Valley Unified School District, being a student there for 6 years now. The District has taught me a lot about leadership, hard work, and teamwork as I have been very involved at my school. There is unbelievable support from the faculty and board, as they always keep the student's best interest in mind. I have grown so much as an individual, thanks to DVUSD.
The school district is a mess, the teachers they hire don’t try, put grades in, or help the students who needs help the most which shows with the grades of the students in this Deer Valley School District.
The school district is very well organized. Although some teachers are not very good, most are amazing, pushing students to achieve the most they can and aiming for sucess, most teachers love what they do and work hard to share that love with the students, the district is very good at managing and I’m sure will have even more success in the future.
I loved the diversity the school offered. The schools sports programs and clubs are the best i’ve ever seen.
I have been with Deer Valley my entire school career. Everything is great and is always the best! The schools are well run and have top of the line facilities. The resources are endless with the numerous amounts of technology used in the district. I always feel safe at school and I know my teachers want the best for me.
I love the achievement(s) recognition from the main district office for students. The staff and district appreciates and commends students who excel at what they are passionate about, which I fully support.
Deer Valley Unified School District has many opportunities to pursue your future and your interests. It offers many valuable classes that teach you skills which are important to know. I believe it is a well rounded district but I would like to see the teachers and representatives function as a team.
In particular i like many things about the deer valley unified school district for example i like that we use iPads to take notes, quizzes etc. Also that we use canvas to turn in homework and class assignments. In addition i like that the counselors are always so helpful and very polite.
Being a part of Deer Valley School District throughout me entire educational career has prepared me for life after school. This district cares for its students and teachers.
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My time in the Deer Valley Unified School District really helped prepare me for college. All my teachers not only wanted what was best for me, but for me to really understand what I was learning my providing me with helpful feed back. I left the district with the ability to think critically which has really helped me in college.
I have always taken pride from being a part of Deer Valley Unified School District! Everyone within my school district has helped me to further my education and my future.
You should expect a lack of teachers and resources that will never be used. Use of i-pads will be a waste of time for your work or your kid's work.
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