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Deer Park Independent School District Reviews

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Deer Park High School is an excellent school. They have great resources, teachers that care for their students, amazing academics, and prepare students for college well. I would not change anything about this school district. I have loved going here for the past few years.
From the Dual Language program to STEM to Senior Year, the Deer Park district is one of the best places to get an education. The fine arts are magnificent and the athletics department is one of the best. Having gone to Deer Park schools my entire life, I can say that it helps you prepare for college as soon as you step on to campus. It helps make learning fun while also underlying the necessary learning points to help the students move farther in life.
Deer Park overall was a pretty ok experience. The biggest thing I would change is how bullying is handled. Some teachers don't take it seriously enough and even blame victims for bully's behavior. That has GOT to change.
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Deer park high school, is a great school, the teachers are good as well. They prepare us for our future and what we can accomplish through life in general. I would recommend students to come to deer park!
As a DPHS student I appreciated how much the school is involved with AP classes and tests. The School district has also done a very good job on resources, for example allowing students to rent a school owed iPad or giving students the opportunity to go to the library and using the desktops available. They handled every violence act very professionally and took any threat towards the school and students with much precaution. Although DPISD is a very good district, the schools ,for example the High Schools, lack much school spirit which can make the school appear a bit dull.
As a student, I love the competitive emviremont that is placed to ensure motivation. The only thing is that I wish there were more courses that benefitted future career options.
Great for helping me develop my academic abilities; over the course of the thirteen years I have spent in Deer Park ISD, I can confidently say that I am prepared to go to college thanks to the awesome teachers I have had.
My experience with Deer Park High School was pretty well, but I would like to see the dance program change.
The things I enjoy most about Deer Park high school is that when a problem arises, they are willing to do whatever it takes to have a peaceful solution. Also they DO NOT accept bulling, fights or threats and will bring the authorities in at any time of the day. The things I would like to see change is that the teachers don’t always have to be so harsh and punish the entire class just because of one student. Also, every time I go to the bathroom, I would not like to use a restroom with paint missing and the seat being orange. Also, the water fountain could have maintaining routines so they don’t rust.
Deer Park is a very family- oriented place where everybody knows everybody. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. However, while there is some divide between groups of students, the district successfully creates an environment that I enjoy being in.
Deer Park is a great school district. The amount of pride my school has is immense. The academics here are very good and the AP courses challenge you and prepare you for college well. The only aspect about DPISD I would change is the poor diversity the district maintains. I am one of only miniscule amount Asians in my high school. However, the district has great teachers that administrators. I would personally give DPISD an overall rating of 4 and a half stars!
I loved the experience of my High School because I know I learned a lot.
I met different people and got to see many teachers that love their job. I believe that the High School needs help with English teachers because they need to teach kids how to write and how to become better students. Now that I’m in college I see others that came from different high schools and their writing skills are very good. As to mine are not bad but not as good as their writing skills.
What I like about deer park is that everyone’s involved in something and there’s always an event going on! I’ve made so many new friends and I saw with my own eyes how my friends from elementary matured with me! it’s all a good experience and at deer park they truly care for you and your well being! go deer!
I wish my school wasn’t so big. Most of the teachers are nice, but the students aren’t always nice. I also wish the dress code wasn’t so strict.
Deer Park is a school that always tries to have the students best intentions at heart. Every informed decision that they make is to try and better the quality of education that the students who attend the high school get. However like all schools, Deer Park high school does have its downsides. Again, like all schools, there are teachers there that make you wonder if they even like children at all, making education a drag. Also, security is phenomenal, but where it seems like every guard and officer is breathing down your neck with every step you take, it can be slightly frightening and comfort reducing.
Deer Park High School is a great school. South campus has an amazing performing arts center. It is so big there are enough seats to fit a whole grade level. We had a senior meeting about project graduation and all of my senior class sat in their own seat in the P.A.C
I like that the school provides all the things you need to get into college and help you get prepared. One thing I would changed is it being more organized.
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I love Deer Park ISD I have a long line of family who went here! I feel DPISD is supportive and prepares students for the future however some things I would like changed are preparing and choosing teachers better. I would also like to see a change in discipline in some of the activities the students participate in.
I liked that everyone one there seemed like they wanted to be there. Lots of school spirit and encouragement!
In Deer Park i was very blessed with up to date technology to help me be as successful as I am. Many other schools don't have the technology so their students have a much harder time. Something i'd like to see change is the teacher to student ratio in order for more one on one time which is something many students need.
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