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Deer Lakes School District Reviews

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Teachers are very negative about everyone and everything. Bad environment to be in. Hated subbing in the district.
One of the greatest small school districts in all of the Pittsburgh area. Teachers display a true passion for their work. Athletics taken very seriously, lots of time and money devoted to them. Lots of school spirit and a warm community of people.
I honestly have had a pretty positive experience at Deer Lakes. I have met some nice friends and staff that have had a positive experience in my life. Yes, there is always going to be your ups and downs in any school, but overall it is a good adventure. The part I like the most is being in a small school. There is always going to be times where you know someone that you can talk to.
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Deer Lakes is a very small, rural school. The education I’ve received is average, although it did get better once I reached 10th grade. What I would change is for the school to get another guidance counselor so that more attention can be given to the seniors and for administration to stop pushing for students to take as many AP courses as possible.
The teachers at Curtisville are ignorant and miserable (like 98% of them). The teachers talk poorly of each other and are very unprofessional. They are really mean to the kids and blame them for everything when in reality the teachers are the problem and don't have what it takes or don't want to change their ways. The principal seems to allow it. A lot of them to get away with not teaching because she is friends with them or because the teachers graduated from the district and will get away with everything. I can't wait to move out of the district!
I attend deer lakes school district and overall it is not that well of a Distict. It has poor teaching and pretty bad sports teams, I would not recommend attending this school district.
Moved here 4 years ago from a larger, more diverse school district in the Pittsburgh area and have regretted it ever since. My oldest is a sophomore, and when she started here in the middle of 6th grade, the curriculum was a full year behind what she was doing at her other school. The kids are awful, if you and your parents and grandparents didn't grow up here nobody is welcoming. Even the paren at aren't welcoming. The teachers and administration could care less how kids are treated regardless of how many times you talk to them. Can I rate it 0 stars?
Great school a great place to earn and education. I have been to
Many high schools during my life I always refer to Deer Lakes as home not many schools from my knowledge can offer the excellence services regarding education staff members and quality assurance
Their Guidance counselor system needs to be changed, but everyone involved in the learning process is very nice and respectable.
regular ed teachers don't know how to work with special ed students. they just dump them into special ed rooms and the principals allow it. they need training. my child is not returning next yr because of it. don't move into the district.
The district provides a very well-rounded education, clean school, pleasant teachers, and lots of sports and activities to offer their students. However, improvements the district could make is offering more academic classes, especially science based classes. Also, they could fund the music program more.
Deer Lakes School District has provided me with an excellent education. The teachers I have had are incredibly passionate about their students. They are constantly aiding us in our college searches and supporting us in our future en-devours. They have been a huge amount of help to me in my entire high school career, and for that I am forever grateful. Deer Lakes High School teachers go above and beyond for their students.
Great school to attend! Great teachers and good environment to get a good education. Small enough class size to get personal attention when needed.
Consider moving if you have a special education student. It seems like all the principals and teachers don't know anything about special education and just want to throw them out of the room so they don't have to deal with them and do their job. My child deserves better.
Throughout my years spent in the Deer Lakes School District, I have observed both positive and negative aspects. I like that there is a real sense of community within the small, tight-knit district. However, I am hoping to see more opportunities become available to the students-especially at the high school level.
I enjoyed the size of the school. The teachers were willing to put in extra time in order to help the students. There could be more clubs and activities throughout the schools to help foster good relationships between students.
I've been in Deer Lakes School District since kindergarten. In the high school, there are a variety of classes to schedule based on what your interested in. The teachers and staff are always available to help you at anytime. There are many clubs and activities to join and connect with people in. The middle school is quite easy to get around and the staff is very helpful. I don't exactly remember much about East Union and Curtisville but my overall experience here has been excellent and I am proud to be graduating from Deer Lakes High School.
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Well, to say the least about the school. I only had help because I had special privelages to help me get through but I was bullied throughout middle and highschool and the academics were not even any better. They kept switching principles like crazy. Couldn't really say much good on the school. Thanks for reading.
I have been in the Deer Lakes school district since kindergarten and have completely enjoyed my experience. The teachers and staff are always helpful and pushing their students to the best of their abilities. I can honestly say that without all of my encouraging and motivating teachers, I would not be where I am today. It is an overall welcoming environment, full of success and pride. The one thing I would like to see a change in is the amount of opportunities presented to the students. I feel as though there could be more extracurricular activities offered by the school. Other than that, Deer Lakes has been a wonderful place to attend school, allowing me to make great memories and receive an outstanding education.
The school is very small compared to the surrounding schools. The school has many students who go on to many universities and make a huge impact to the world. Many of our students get very large to small scholarships.
I wish we had more teachers and more classes for the students. I wish we had more clubs for the students.
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