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It's a good place, but the arts (theatre, band, art, video production, etc) are severely underfunded and rarely cared about by administration.

The high school building is old and unsafe. There's been a "sewage backup" for the past year (or more) that makes the D-Wing classrooms smell along with some of the bathrooms and team rooms. Their way of fixing this is pouring cleaning products down the drains.

The teachers who DO care about their teachers make all the difference. The updates to the Avery school are great and should be implemented to all of the other schools, especially the high school.
Some of my teachers were great and taught really well, others were really unorganized and it was hard to learn the material.
Dedham High has some really exceptional teachers that really care and help students succeed. I have enjoyed attending Dedham High and feel my overall experiences have been good. I wish the school systems where more individualized when it can to teaching each student. Instead of being all about the MCAS scores.
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After attending Dedham Public Schools for 8 years, I knew continuing within that education system was not best for my needs. Coming from someone who was on the outside looking in for the majority of my time in Dedham, it is a hit or miss with this system. Special education is still on the rise in the school system as well as basic tolerance from many of the students. Bullying also has always been a huge issue in Dedham throughout all grade levels.
Dedham Public Schools has students that excel and students that do not and can be an experience relying on what you make it. What is needed is more resources to students who excel and more focus to make the school worth it. Teachers provide great opportunities and for the most part want to help students but the administration and culture could use more focus on academics.
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