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Decatur School District No. 61 Reviews

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It was great overall. All of my teachers are the reason why i am shaped into a great young man. They taught me life lessons even though they’re told to teach us strictly education. I feel like an improved version of myself. I am very happy with the outcome of my life so far!
Expensive, racist, doesnt do anything unless you have enough people supporting you. Theres nothing to say this. I doubt i will get anything from this survey but i really hope parents do not send their children to St.Teresa in decatur. Making students pay triple in everything. A burger is 3 dollars. Chicken burger from McDonald is around 4. Drinks are also 3. They also make us buy 5 $30 calendars to sell, or else you will have to pay for them. The principles told me its "required". We are already paying 8k. Teachers i had were pretty good. However, i believe they all retired this year.
I was a student of the Decatur School District No.61 up until my junior year in high school and all I can say is they really do love and take care of their students.
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I like Decatur Public Schools. I like the teachers. I just think if you don't come into the school or are schools already ready for school then you kind of fall behind even further because there's not a lot of help for a student who is just not getting the work or the curriculum.
I enjoyed that while attending these schools it provides students with a career path and works locally with Richland Community College to help students with their future.
More food choices for students during the lunch periods. Also restrict the use of cell phones in the school.
They have very good schools in the district. The High Schools are especially good and offer a lot of programs
It's a"awesome" school even with it's faults I was born here to appreciate what I was given here. I made it this far even with the weirdness of the school and how it affects everyday life simply
It is very memorable with their diversity and many wonderful staff. They ensure that you'll feel welcome and receive a great education.
Horrible administration ... school board is a joke ... watch their meetings on tv... terrible administration . .. two many chiefs not enough indians
Since I currently attend Eisenhower High School, I really enjoy the teachers and the administration. I have always attended DPS61, and the teachers and staff members have always been willing to go out of their way to help students, and make sure they are successful.
The school district has a variety of students and teachers. I did not grow up in this school district, but I went to Eisenhower for high school. It was an interesting four years of my life and I met some of my best friends there.
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