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Decatur Independent School District Reviews

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It helped me find my major and I met so many people and had such a great experience. Decatur High School tries its absolute best to give kids the education they deserve and they succeed immensely. I have so many great memories there and I’m still in touch with many of my teachers. I love them and miss them all.
I have had two children attend Decatur ISD. Each child has had some great teachers. But the leadership is lacking and is shows on the recent group of teachers that have been hired in the past years. Drugs are s problem that dont seem to be addressed.
The teachers are good, however many of them are leaving because of the new administration. There’s also a bit of a bullying problem that the school hasn’t done much about.
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The school district is corrupt and there is no leadership. Every teacher is leaving because no one likes the superintendent because she is firing everyone that tells her no. My mom has been a victim of the recent firings.
I love the opportunities we are given at such a young age. We are taught to think as well as how to learn including good study habits and work ethic. Decatur offers on and off-campus lunch, which allows each student to get their desired meal. Decatur also does what a lot of other schools don’t which is give each and every club money and attention and the opportunity to grow. The only thing I would change is offering an alternative route to the Agriculture building to kids who have an Ag class when the weather is really bad. They have no choice but to walk/run in the poor conditions.
Decatur high school is place where an individual has many chances to further themselves educational wise. It offers many dual credit classes as well as teacher who are passionate about what they teach. Some teachers have been at the district for 30 plus years to it help grow to what it is today.
Decatur High is a medium to large size school, but it still has the small town feel. From the pep rallies to the games on Friday nights the entire community is involved. The athletic program, the band and choir are all very well established and draw a lot of attention throughout the city.
the district is good but just crowded. since there are a lot of students in each class you cant get one on one time with the teacher.
I love how the amount of dual credit and AP classes Decatur has because no other school offers nearly this many. I do wish that they offered more health science classes.
Overall the school district in Decatur, I believe was superb for the most part. Decatur, TX contains a population of less than 7000 people, being the small town that it is, not much might be expected. Although Decatur might be small, it has and will continue to make a print on the world. Various educational opportunities are available, like AP, Honors, and Dual-Credit. Along with that, there are various student organizations and extracurricular activities. Decatur not only makes an impact academically, but also athletically. The girls cross country team has made it to state years in a row, and our volleyball team has won state twice, back to back. Perhaps the only improvement I see that might be needed is a shift of attention and funding from football to other sports. Football is the main highlight and unfortunately outshine the other sports even though other sports have performed superior.
Decatur Independent school district is a medium-sized district that harnesses raw talent, hard work, and self-discipline. Some of the most admirable young people have been born and bred in this community, and their passions have been well-nurtured by the school district. Whether it be through sports, UIL academics, artistic clubs or performances, the students at Decatur are brought up to lead influential and impressive lives, serving together as a beacon of excellence for the surrounding communities. My personal journey through the Decatur Independent School district has been nothing short of inspiring--I will remember this school district for the rest of my life, and how it slowly but surely nudged me onto the path of perseverance and consequential self-awareness.
As a student at Decatur ISD for over 10 years, it is an absolute understatement to say that this district is a wonderful place to learn and grow. The staff at each and every campus welcomes you with open arms and big smiles! A truly friendly district, with teachers who do their job well and principals who really care about their students.
After eight years of DISD I can say Decatur schools offered my children many opportunities to learn and grow.  They used a variety of tools needed to encourage each child to enjoy learning and continue growing. Provided wonderful teachers and staff to assist and guide them. My children made life long friends, learned life skills and book knowledge, and how to acquire other needed skills.
I did find that instead of correcting my child's learning problem of reading and writing legable they gave him a crutch for his handicap. He wrote sloppy and slow, never finished his work on time or turned in unreadable papers. He was given a computer to do all his writing on including daily assignments. His reading he was given someone to read his tests. 
I fear life will not be as helpful as DISD.  He fears going to college and is stuck at fast food jobs for now.
With a 2.0 grade average higher learning and future jobs will be tough.This needed to be fixed not slapped with a bandaid.
I was not sure what to expect when I enrolled at Decatur High School as a Junior. However, today I am so blessed to say that I am graduating from this school district. While it may not be perfect, because no school/district truly is, Decatur High School offers about as much to its students as any small town district really could. I have grown more in the last 2 years than I ever expected to. Despite the few flaws that it has, the administration and staff of Decatur High School gives its best effort to ensure that their students are prepared to put their best foot forward when they complete their 4 years and graduate in May.
I love it. It's extremely laid back, and no one hates it. The teachers are good, everyone's friendly, they always have a restocked ice cream machine, and thy are always very lenient on due dates.
Decatur has been so good to me these past 4 years and I would not mind to come back and have my future family attend here. The counselors at the high school are very kind and help you plan for the future. One thing I would like to see change, is for there to be more college ready programs and for them to interact more with their kids.
I have enjoyed my time at Decatur. I think it would be nice to have more diversity and more clubs/organizations but I love the organizations we do have that I participate in.
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My family moved out of the city from a large public school and we are very blessed to be in such a great district with genuine people.
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