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I would like to see less of a 'one size fits all' education, and more on individual success. If a student has extenuating life circumstances, or even learns non-traditionally, it is a great uphill battle to work within the system the district has in place. Their intentions are great, I just think more honest feedback is needed.
teachers that take time to get to know the students and connect with them. Many different clubs and activities for students to get involved in
This school was a real life changer, teachers really act as leaders and are there to support anyone if needed. Something that I feel like this school that some others lack is teamwork. Teamwork at Everest has made a huge impact with everyone learning society, people feel as if they are at home.
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The school thoroughly cares about their students and their academic progress. The amenities provided for the students education, such as the multiple computer labs for high school students, or the incredible playgrounds for the younger elementary students, are superb.
D.C. Everest constantly strives to better their environment and improve the classroom setting. They often incorporate innovative learning and try to give every student the best chance at an education. Their facilities and amenities such as all the resource labs and IMC create an environment that promotes positive learning.
D.C. Everest Senior High School provides a large variety of opportunities for all it’s students. As a senior, I’ve spent a good amount of time engaging in the overall culture, academics and extra curriculars that the school offers. I found that as far as academics, the majority of th teachers genuinely care about your success and well being. Teachers are very willing to help you outside out class whenever needed. The school also offers MANY unique clubs, allowing for every student to fit in and be a part something they are passionate about. I found my calling in the D.C. Everest DECA Chapter. As far as academics, we are a very competitive school that takes great pride in our athletes. Since the community is very tight knit, there is always support and fans cheering on the athletes on sporting nights. Overall, I’m very thankful for all of the opportunties I’ve been offered over the past few years.
Classes and teachers are great. Would like to see improvements to the school lunch program. Lots of activities to choose from.
Good technological equipment yet lack of basic equipment. School buildings themselves are old. Faculty is nice and friendly yet the district as a whole has a drug problem.
Many teachers are incredibly passionate and wonderful, but the administation frequently creates bizarre rules that make it hard for both staff and students to be successful.
The school has many opportunities for every student to shine and excell in their own way. Multiple clubs, sports, activities, and classes are provided through the district, and there are many programs put into place to help EVERY child. None are left behind. Depending on the school, most teachers are extremely passionate about what they teach.
Overall, my academic experience with the district has been very good. However, the administrators have gone a bit "power trippy" and no longer interact with the students well. Strong AP program.
They have a nice variety of classes both honors and AP and most of the teachers are pretty good. There are a few who really need to retire. They need to do a better job to eliminate bullying and to get drugs out of the school. Too much emphasis is placed on sports at this school. The food in the cafeteria is terrible and there are too many kids in each lunch period and seating is very difficult to find. There is not enough time in between classes to use the bathroom so you go all day without being able to use the facilities. They lock the bathrooms by the cafeteria so you can't even go during your short little 20 minute lunch. The principal makes all the decisions and does not take any other opinions into account when making decisions. It's his way or the highway. He really needs to retire and let one of the Vice Principals take over. They are both super people who would do a much better job.
I liked the structure and the good teachers I had. Bloch scheduling is not an efficient way for all classes and the principal needs a better reason than just liking it to bring it to the school. The lunches should change and homework for late dates need to change. My teachers complained about that policy all the time.
D.C. Everest is a very well-organized school filled with teachers that are passionate about their jobs. The teachers will do anything in their power to ensure that their students succeed and have the opportunities to do so. Something the district could do to improve would be to update the high school.
I went to the Charter school that the Everest District owns for the past six years. Honestly, there were a lot of times in the beginning I was sure that the school would be closed down because of the lack of funding. Lots of students have come and gone. Although my expierence with the district would've been different had I gone to the high school, I'm glad I didn't.
D.C Everest has a ton of AP classes and is focused on college readiness (every junior takes the ACT, for example) It is a good school as far as academics go but administration is not very perceptive to the thoughts of the students in the high school.
The academics prepared you for college very thoroughly, yet you still enjoyed your time. Playing sports requires a lot of your time, so you have to devote yourself without forgetting about your academics. Otherwise it is a good environment.
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D.C. Everest is a different school as it makes it it's goal to prepare students for post graduation, and actually follows through on that goal by offering very specialized classes for whatever students may be wanting to do. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. The food leaves a bit to be desired, but to be fair school's funding have been cut, and they need to make changes somewhere.
I attended D.C. Everest all 13 years of schooling and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences. They have great teachers and are great at educating students. I also participated in athletics and had a very positive experience.
This school is good for anyone who likes a extroverted space. It is a friendly school with a great teaching program. The friendly staff are incredibly supportive and helpful and I would recommend this school to anyone that likes an active and involved schedule.
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