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My experience at Stivers has truly been a blessing, from the beginning of 7th grade until this year which is my daughters senior year. The environment is very inviting to the students and parents, I know most of the students in my daughters senior class, I have watched them develop and grow into wonderful young people
I personally love my school district. A long with other school districts, I believe that it is some areas that my district can improve in. Overall, I think that it is getting better.
I've gone to Dayton Christian for 13 years. There are some good teachers here, but there are also some that really shouldn't be teaching. Administration has changed hands more times than I can count. The rules and dress code are vastly biased. Favoritism runs rampant and the families with money rule the school. On the positive side, I've met some of the best teachers and friends that I could imagine. The school has provided me with some great experiences over the years but could definitely use a cultural revision and some more diverse, knowledgeable, and progressive people in the administration positions.
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At Dayton public schools we really didn’t have the material we needed, but the teachers always found a way to make sure we learned what we needed.
What I loved about Dayton City Schools, is that no matter how we were seen administration pushed us to be the best. They would not give up on us and they understood how we were feeling and helped us every step of the way.
I love Dayton Public Schools. The school I’m at is one of the best schools academically. Dayton Public can be dysfunctional. Between budget cuts, firing, hiring, and people just quitting. Many different cultures and ethnicities are in Dayton public schools. Which I find very cool bc not every time looks the same.
My experience with Dayton City Schools has been wonderful. Things I wish to change would be that I wish teachers challged there students more.
Dayton public schools could be a great district if we had teachers that really cared about teaching and mentoring inner city kids like myself.
Too many test; inconsistencies with disciplinary efforts; high turnover in school personnel; board of education was a joke and not supportive of administration which made them all look like clowns.
I think this district has a lot of untapped potential but the curriculum and staff needs to change. You have your really good teachers but there's also the bad ones. The students aren't focused or motivated.
I moved from Louisville Kentucky schools to come Ohio schools. Schools in Louisville was better to me the teachers helped more the after school activities were always nice and well mannered and the schools gave off a real high school experience Dayton public school didn't really give a college readiness atmosphere
Dayton Public Schools seems to be average to me, although i attended the best school in the district; Stivers School for the Arts. Stivers itself is amazing. i definitely recommend auditioning if you there is a talent of yours in which you wish to pursue!
My Child was an Honor Student but also was bullied bad the staff was no help to the situation at all so I removed my Child
I enjoyed being in the choir. The teachers I had were positive role models for me and my fellow class mates. The district as a whole did not put the students first. Consequently, we lost in several areas and Dayton has been in academic failure ever since.
Overall, DPS could be better. It needs a safer environment, better curriculum and cleaner facilities.
Dayton city Schools prepared me for success in life and career. I was given the opportunity to gain critical skills and knowledge as a student of Dayton schools. I will never forget my favorite teachers, they inspired me to continue my education and enroll in college.
I love the diversity, and the educational fundamentals. The teachers are all about you and seek to give you the best individual attention. Some times the classes are pointless because of the lack of space and class sizes. If i could change one thing about of district it would be funding more individual sources.
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It is a amazing district with some issues. One of the highlights would be the sporting events. No matter if it is basketball or volleyball there is always a nice and decent size crowd.
My daughter attended River's Edge Montessori grades K-6. She then went on to audition for and be accepted into the piano magnet at Stivers School for the Arts. Both of these schools provided her with exposure to a diverse student body, prepared her for college, have excellent staff who work as a team, have excellent administrators, have active parent involvement groups, are safe, and provide lots of opportunities for extracurricular activities from sports to robotics club.
I attended many schools within dayton. Most teachers were not very helpful and showed favoritism. However you were lucky enough to get a helpful teacher that cared about your education that were great.
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