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Dawson-Bryant Local School District Reviews

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I enjoyed it very much. The teachers are very helpful and care about your education and they want to see you succeed. The education system is very well put together and where I’m a senior now, these past years in high school has taught me many things. I would like to see some changes as well. I would like to see the bathrooms get renovated, the school food get better, and the band room get renovated as well and get new equipment.
The staff is friendly and accommodating. There is a nice variety of classes to take and many allow you to receive college credit. The food could be better.
In the small town of Coal Grove everyone is close and is acquainted with one another. The community really comes together for athletic events to show support for the kids attending Dawson-Bryant Schools.
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This school district is about average size. It is very into sports, mostly football. They were a very close to community school district. It is located in the village of Coal Grove. They have come a long way in the technology aspect of learning. They are really there for their students and want to see them succeed.
Overall, the school is a great school. Most every teacher knows exactly what they are teaching and are passionate about it. The teachers honestly care about your education and will try to help you the best they can. If they cannot help you with a certain project or class, then there is always student tutoring and extra help available to the student. The only thing I would change about the school is the amount of clubs we have. The few we have are great but we could always use more.
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