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I love Davis School District because the academics and push for successful and graduating students is awesome! I feel very safe and cared about at my school. The administration I’ve had the opportunity to know have been amazing at my school as well. The administration loves the students and is constantly doing their best to make sure our education is the very best it can be!
I have lived in Davis school district all my life and have seen all the ups and downs with the school system. I have found that all my schools I have gone to have been pretty okay but the district has many problems it needs to work out. The district needs to work on enforcing better standards for their educators that they hire. The district also needs to work on their curriculum because a lot of teachers I've had have been too lazy or strict with the way the assignments they hand out. Finaly the district needs to pour an equal amount of money into each school as opposed to having some high quality schools and some low.
I love Davis School District because of the people that they employ. All of them have made such a great positive impact on my life and I couldn't be more thankful for them!
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Overall Davis school district has been a great experience and has provided many opportunities for me.
I believe that Davis district has great educational schools that help a lot of students. It helps not only students but also the staff to grow and learn.
I love the precautions they make to make sure everyone feels safe. They are aware of the actions going on inside the school and if they see or make a mistake they are quick to fix things.
They cared about the mental health of the students and offered plenty of ways to get help and socialize.
I love how kind and accepting everyone is in Davis School District. The faculty is so kind and caring to every studnet. They genuinely want what's best for the students they teach, which is hard to find. The school spirit in every school is phenominal, and good sportsmanship is something we're proud of as memebers of Davis School District.
I love the school district. My only complaint is that there is not a lot of diversity. Sometimes I feel out of place.
It was good overall. I went to elementary, junior high, and high school in Davis School District. The food is terrible, but usually the teachers are good and I have a good time with the other students around me. My family all feels very similar about it too
Davis School District is an average school district. Schools are connected only through sports activities. More focus seems to go into athletics than any other extracurricular activities in schools. Arts and Music have the same value to the students and the parents in the school district than Sports and Athletics. Davis School district doesn’t put enough effort into certain categories and too much for others. The school district has every right to fund things that they think will earn them the most money back, but they do need to realize that some kids value their artistic classes over their academic classes.
I hate this new program called Summit Learning. It is awful and very confusing. The teachers no longer teach or do anything in class because of Summit Learning. The food in Davis School District is disgusting. The fries are either raw or as hard as rocks. The hamburger buns are generally coated in flour. However, Davis School District provides great sport systems and in the long term, no matter how much I hate Summit, I am sure it will eventually prepare me for college.
I have been very impressed with the teachers hired in my school district. They are highly educated, engaging, and experienced. In addition, my district school board uses funds in ways that benefit myself and other students most. My school district not only encourages us academically, they also encourage us by providing us with athletic, musical, and artistic opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in extra curricular activities offered at my school. Academically, I have enjoyed taking AP and CE classes that they offer. These classes challenge me and give me opportunities to learn more about career fields and subjects that interest me. Funding from my school district has allowed my High School to update and renovate its interior. I enjoy learning in the new, clean, and functional environment that this renovation has provided.
Most of the teachers care about the impact they have on their students lives and work hard to help them to learn. Some do not.
I am a senior at Davis High School and my overall experience with my education has been great. Students are very friendly. In terms of college readiness Davis High is great. Davis has some of the highest pass rates on AP exams in the nation. The class size is very large so it can be difficult to make close friends. There are some very good teachers and a few mediocre teachers. In terms of diversity, most students are white at this school but all students are included and involved regardless of race. The track and field team consistently takes 1st place at state, and the girls soccer team took the national championship for three years in a row. The athletics at this school are very good and there is plenty of opportunity to participate.
The faculty in Davis School District are really awesome people. I’ve only had one teacher I disliked, but he retired that year. Teachers and staff are helpful, kind, and understanding, and the school culture is excellent. For the most part, students are kind and friendly. Overall a great district!
I really enjoyed going to the schools in Davis School District. I have previously gone to Adams Elementary, North Layton Jr, high, Centennial Jr. high, and Davis high school. Right now I am attending Farmington high school in Farmington Utah. The learning program here is really easy to learn and the teachers in all of these school were really nice and taught really well. I have learned so much from going to all of these schools.
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I enjoyed Davis school district. All of their schools were handled well, my mom teaches at one of them and they treat her well.
In Davis School District I have really appreciated how involved my teachers are and how willing they are to help me succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. My teachers, alone have shaped my high school experience. If I have needed their help they have always been more than willing to help me. One thing I would want to change is class sizes. I have noticed that in larger classes, teachers have a harder time attending to individual students.
This school district is very good and runs very smoothly. But one thing they changed this year was the amount of time we had for lunch, and the amount of time we had in between classes. It has made it very hard to be to class on time. They took 10 minutes off of our lunch which is an entire commute. It’s very inconvenient.
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