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Djusd is full of overprotective, pushy parents, putting their kids mental health on the line. Competetiveness is rampant, faculty doesn’t help with that, throughout all grades. If you have a history of mental health issues, avoid Davis
Everything at Davis is really all about learning. I started from elementary school there and all the way through high school. All the teachers I have had have been super encouraging and I really felt like they cared and wanted me to learn and understand the materials. The only thing is that there is not much diversity in Davis. I feel like it is all primarily white people
The academic rigor of classes at Davis prepare students for their futures at college but at the same time is not ridiculously difficult to exceed in classes.
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DSHS has a high achieving community, everyone there has the motivation to go somewhere in life, and the teachers help everyone reach their goals. They offer great courses and opportunities for any path you choose, great art programs such as musical and tech arts.
This District provides a great education. Such a caring environment. All the staff are great. In my school, all the teachers support all students and teach with such dignity.
I liked the teachers and some of the classes. I did not like how the school did not help with college or helping find the right college to attend.
A terrible district. Although the courses were rigorous, I didn't feel accepted in the school because of my political and religious views. I ended up leaving the school after two years of instruction.
I've been through the school district from Kindergarten through senior year of high school. I've participated in many advanced classes at elementary, middle school, and high school levels. These advanced courses, as well as most other classes, do a fantastic job of preparing students for college; grades 7-12 are almost exclusively designed towards this goal. With few exceptions, the teachers are passionate and engaged in their subject matter, doing a great job of preparing students for future education. The heavy focus on academics and post-secondary education does create a high-achieving atmosphere in which students feel compelled to succeed; grades and test scores are a major source of stress for students.
The schools in this city are incredible, I was able to work with the district for a year and found the school I worked at to be wonderful. The teachers went above and beyond to help the kids succeed!
I went to Da Vinci Charter Academy in the DJUSD, and it was fantastic. I miss going there. The teachers were helpful, and the projects were informative.
Davis Joint Unified School District is a place of high standards for quality of student education. From Spanish Immersion Elementary schools and National Awards winning high school clubs and classes and everything in between, the Davis School District is a rich place for growth and learning.
Davis puts way to much pressure on their students and their teachers do not claim responsibility for the education of their students. I spent all 12 years in this school system. Starting with Montgomery Elementary, a school that was under funded and focused only on teaching English language learners. At Harper Junior High, staff created problems on campus that were not there. Such as changing school colors because of gang with when their is not a gang in the area that affiliates with he color red. They did not care about their relationship with the students. At the Senior High School, teachers did not care about the well being of their students. The homework and expectations are higher then many of the top colleges in the nation. Not only do they place this pressure on the student but they do not provided the much needed resources for their students.
Davis Senior High School is a safe environment that encourages curiosity and forms connections with the families and the community to expand their resources.
DJUSD has a superb music program and wonderful teachers. Davis is the best high school I know and I am sure that most of my peers would agree.
Davis offers great education and passionate teachers who really care if you are successful or not. The high school offers a wide variety of classes as well as multiple extracurriculars. There is only one major high school which does result in some overcrowding and large class sizes. Overall Davis is a great place to learn and receive an education
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