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Today if there is any institution which has the greatest influence on us after the family, it is the school. The time that I spend in school are not only time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent forming our character, acquiring various attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life. For me, DDSD is the best experience in my life
I think David Douglas is a very nice school it’s really big and there is a lot of students. It’s a very diverse school and it has a variety of different classes that can interest every student. The only issue would be that it is too crowded during pass time it’s hard to get to your class because there are so many people bumping you and just standing in the middle of the hallway. Also the cafeteria is very crowded during lunch. Other than that the teachers are all very amazing they are all very nice and caring.
David Douglas is overall a great school for academics and sport opportunities. The food definitely needs an improvement to help the student’s health.
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It is definitely a very big school, so it can kind of make you feel small. It had a good choice of AP classes, and because of several grants, we did not have to pay for the AP test.
From my experience, David Douglas is not my cup of tea. The way most of the teachers treat the students is unfair, there are only some teachers who understand students well. Some of the staff in the office looks like they don't even want to be there and treat students as if they're elementary schoolers. Also, the teachers there can't teach. For instance like math teachers who is little help to students when implying that it's the student's fault for not understanding or asking enough questions that they're failing the class. Teachers should really look at majority of the student's grades before saying it's not their fault for not teaching well. Phones have been a strict policy. However, my friend and I were sitting at a table when a teacher accused her of being on her phone when she wasn't. My friend also witnessed a staff forcing to take away student's phones. Diversity is the strongest thing we have at our school. But I cannot think of one single positive thing about my school.
Super diverse school district with a little bit of everything. The music program is second to none. The high school is a large community of 3k+.
Overall its a great district. They give students all the tools that they need to be successful. Some places are very up to date and some other areas of the school need some renovations. The staff there all seem to be there to help students get what they need.
I love everything about David Douglas, everyone so communicate with other, great sports, & all the teachers help you out when you need a little more extra time. One thing that can change is the attendance rate. 🙄 all seniors needs 90% to go to prom which is unfair. Sone students can have family problems & would still get counted for that.
David Douglas High District is very diverse, and brings lots of warm welcoming staff to all the student. I do wish that during graduation the express more cultural beliefs and for graduating student to be able to express their cultures and backgrounds during that time.
Lots of opportunities. Great cross country and track program. Great girls programs for the trades.
I like the diversity at this school, although I would like to see an equal opportunity with everything assigned. Some students are not able to participate in certain activities because they go to church on that day if they could make alternate days, I am certain many students would want to go.
Love the diversity and cultural backgrounds everyone has to over, the school and students are very welcoming.
This high school has different subjects to help guide students into choosing a future career path. There are different art programs, music programs, and programs for future STEM students. This school allows students to expand their horizon and use the classes they enjoy and turn into a career.
I love it be how open it is to different people. They accept everyone and I never have seen people make fun of their beliefs, their way they look, or how they are. People are comfortable to know that they are gay, and nobody, mostly cares. They just know that you are a person, and that all matter.
I also love it due to all the activity you can do. We have a music department, which I'm in. We got all the activity you can learn to make you a better person.
The teachers here are very rude and unwilling to communicate with students. Principles and head members harass students for un needed things.
My experience at David Douglas hasn't been so so good it has its ups and downs but I feel like they could improve in their teaching and class size there is yall a lot of kids in a classroom so you don't get much attention from teachers so you basacally gotta learn most things on your own witch is not very productive
DDSD was great! I attended all of my schooling in the district and the teachers were all very great and there was a lot of diversity.
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I the thing that I loved about David Douglas was how diverse it is and all the teachers where really nice and helpful . I graduated from thy high school on 2015.
The school district offered numerous amounts of support for anything and everything. There was real counsellors comitted to helping the students, and I heard it has helped. They provided resources for college or other volunteer opportunities. They encourage invididualism as well as cooperation. The schools pave the future of my generation and countless of other generations. One thing I would like to see change is student representation, the students need to have a say.
I think the biggest thing the district (namely the high school) needs to improve on is unity among the students. While, yes, we are the biggest school in Oregon blah blah blah, having such a gigantic school and population creates a disconnect.
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