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I have been enrolled in Davenport schools all of my life. The staff has mostly been positive and enjoyed their job. Which offered many opportunities for a lot of help from teachers that had a passion for their work. The schools take the right steps in ensuring student safety, and they also offer many honorary options for those who excelled.
When my family moved to the Quad Cities, all websites said that the best schools were Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley. I am so glad to dug deeper. Those ratings are based on two metrics - average class sizes and test scores. But it doesn't matter to me what the average test score is in my school. It matters what my test score is. And the breadth of experience I have had in the diverse real world of the Davenport school system has been so much richer than I could have experienced elsewhere.
Davenport Central has a great atmosphere, sports programs, strong academics and a great TAG program.
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I think that our school district needs to be more accommodating to those who have to walk to school or drive farther than others when it comes to cancelling school . I also believe that we do a good job of keeping our schools safe and a good job of a no bullying policy
This school district has helped me to figure out what I want to do with my future through the different high school and college courses offer. Through taking the college classes I also feel as though I have a better base going into college and feel more prepared for the future.
Davenport Community Schools have put me in the place to succeed. The school district has given me the tools I need for life, whether that be educational, social, or financial. Davenport Community School District is home to some of the most talented, hands-on teachers in the state, and our test scores can prove it. We have been improving, and the District is changing. I love my school district, it has given me everything I need to be successful.
I have enjoyed my time as a student in the Davenport Community School District. I have been able to excel as a student due to the care that the district has implemented into their schools. They do what is necessary for their students and ensure that everyone is given a fair and equal opportunity with a chance to go above and beyond and I am truly grateful for them.
I like the amount of diversity and feeling of community in the Davenport School District. Most people are very friendly and always willing to help with any problems that I may have.
Overall Davenport Community School District does okay. I did alright and learned a decent amount as a student there but there is plenty of room for improvement. It would be nice to see more programs implemented for mental health and well being of the students. Often there were behavioral issues at school that disrupted the learning environment. Having more resources could help with behavioral problems as well as improve overall well being of the students who attend the schools.
I like how helpful they are to their students. The teachers they have at the schools are very educated and understand their subject well. All of the facilities are state of the art and are high functioning.
The Davenport School District could be amazing but it lacks the public funding it deserves. All of the teachers work hard to prepared their students for the future, however, lacking the funds to properly educate students is a huge obstacle to overcome.
The school system in Davenport is nothing really unique. It’s hard to find funding for the students and activities. I feel as tho the students aren’t really cared about.
I like how close knit Davenport School District is, but one thing I would like to see change is budget. The district cut a lot of things that impacted students and teachers, for example, art classes at North High School.
This year our school safety has become one of the main priorities and getting inside the building school hours because more difficult, making it safer. School spirit is also a huge part of our school and we have many pep rallies to bring the school into one room.
Just this year safety through the schools have improved by inserting cameras and stricter entering and exiting rules.
The davenport district did a good job at giving plenty providing diverse classes and a good education. I was able to take part in both of the sports I wanted and even had the privilege of traveling with these teams. I was provided with technology to enhance my education as well.
I attended this school district from kindergarten all through high school. It is a great community. The schools are safe and the teachers are great. School staff take their job serious and are great with students. There are also many different clubs and activities offered in high school. Sports in high school are fun since the schools are really competitive.
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Overall, my experience in Davenport Schools has been helpful to my current education. Though the schools I have attended have outstanding programs in not only academics, but outstanding extracurriculars as well, it is beyond obvious to notice the difference in drives between educators. Getting assigned to teachers throughout the time I have gone to Davenport Community Schools have sort of been a hit or miss scenario. Some teachers are full hearted into everything they do, trying all they can to make sure others succeed. However, it is also very clear to point out the educators that are only there to get paid. For instance, I have been know to be a very diligent student, always being on top of my work. My freshman year of high school, I had a teacher who said I had the best grade in the class and didn't need any extra help. I had a C.
I am a senior now at central Highschool. I loved my Highschool career not only because I learned a lot, but the teacher and staff were very helpful as well.
I felt very proud of the experience I had attending Davenport Schools K-12. I was ready for college, attended a private liberal arts college on a scholarship and have also earned a masters degree. I think the diversity in the Davenport Schools prepared me for the real world and I am appreciative of the experiences I had.
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