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Darlington County School District overall is a wonderful district. One issue that lies within this district is the appearance of the schools. Many schools have leaking ceilings and broken appliances in the bathrooms and most of the schools in this district are over fifty years old. Other than that, the academics and teachers are great.
I liked that it was so organized and principled very well in most areas. It is also a great community to be in.
The Darlington County School District is very communicative when it comes to information. I believe that the school district prepares students for the future, whether they are going into the work force, military, or continuing their education at a university. As a student who has attended all three types of classes, college prep, honors, and duel enrollment, each class has a very rigorous curriculum. As a final point, the school district allows the student to feel comfortable in the environments they provide, which is a very significant element in a school district.
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Through out the years of being at Darlington High School, It was definitely a thrill experience. The teachers were very helpful & beneficial and they always would make you feel safe
The Darlington county school district is decent. I enjoyed my time here, some of the administration could be better and how the money is used for the schools. Other than that, the district is fine the way it is.
I liked the location of the school. It was close to home. I also enjoyed the environment, the teachers and administrators were great.
I like how they put their students first and how they make sure you have the information you need. They also have an safe campus since i've been attending their schools. The people are very friendly most of the time. I think that some of the rules could change a little bit. I think the shirt tail rule should be changed and I also think that the sunset policy at the high school should be changed.
I like that the schools give you time to catch on missed grades and they want you to graduate so they help you with your grades
I love how Darlington County School District provide us variety of Program and early college for student that want to graduate . While also the District provide us advance Technology to each student which is a 1 to 1 and not a 1 to 2 student which is 2 student sharing one device.Though i'm provide to say i'm from Darlington County one thing i'm not proud to say is the environment that the children live in.
I been in Darlington County School District all my life. Changes has rapidly been took into action. The core standard has changed to make learning better. The new Macbook Air has the students in a mindset that make it easy and enjoyable to learn.
I like how the teachers are so involved with the students and genuinely care about each and every student. They make sure all of us are prepared for college and provide us with the materials we need to succeed.
I am honestly very happy with my experience with Darlington County School District. As most school districts, they do have their flaws, but overall it is a great district.
What I like most about Darlington County is their ambition to see the students be successful in life; Also, I love how they have a lot of information for the seniors about colleges and scholarships. What I would like to see change in our county is more fun activities and have more safety precautions for the students.
Very bad experiences with the teachers(mainly black teachers) I have seen them HARASS innocent, sweet children (even little six year olds) They scare those kids to death! I'm would NEVER send my kids there!!!
The teachers and staff are very involved and work to improve the students education to the best of their ability. The admistraton team works very hard to insure our safety and take troubles away from our environment. The sports teams/students on them are very determined and work very hard to achieve the wins, especially from the help and guidance of our coaches. Very good district.
I would like to see more subjects offered in Lamar High School. When I was 8n junior year several classes offered at Hartsville High or Darlington High not available at Lamar. I had many credits and ended up with 5 language credits which I didn't want because classes I would have taken weren't offered at Lamar. In my senior year only needed 3 classes to graduate but had to take 4 for class seat time needed. Classes offered need to be expanded I think. Good school but needs more options.
Darlington County School District has great schools. Hartsville High School offers so many things like their IB program. Also, they offer many preforming arts programs. Darlington High School offers an early college program. Mayo High School for Math Science and Technology offers great opportunities with academics and as well they offer many arts programs. This school district has produce many successful multi-talented people.
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My experience at Darlington High School was an experience I would never forget. When I first entered Darlington High, I felt shy and timid however, the faculty, staff, and students were very welcoming which allowed me to step into my comfort zone and make new friends. Every student has a time when they find difficulties completing their assignments. When I got to this point in the academic school year my teachers and peers were very helpful with demonstrating how to complete my work. They would create games, reviews, and practice quizzes for all the students in the class to better understand the assignment. With all the help that my teaches and peers provided and with my own skills and abilities, I graduated from Darlington High School and now going on to college to further my education.
My experience with Darlington County School District has been one to remember. This school district has molded me and prepared me to be ready for what the world had to offer.
The ability to earn an Associates Degree while earning a high school diploma. I have been able to earn 24 college transferable credits while I have earned high school credits. The school district is working its way to prepare students for the 21st century graduate.
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