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Dare County Schools offer their student nice schools, quality learning, safe and positive environment for students and amazing and supportive staff.
Been apart of the school system since Kingergarten. Now 18 and applying to college, I have no doubts that I'm not "college ready." All administration and teachers go above and beyond to motivate and prepare students for the future.
The Dare County School system is very welcoming and the staff are always trying to make sure students are involved.
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I loved the teachers in dare county. They have always offered their time to me if at any time I need them. They are always encouraging each student to do do their best with kind words.
I would like the change of no matter who you are, what your last name is the students get treated the same especially when it comes to sports. I also wish that the high schools would prepare our students better for college such as writing papers and giving my assignments to do.
Dare County Schools truely cares about educating their students. Resources are offered everywhere in the community. The connection between students and teachers is one of the things I like most about the Dare County school system. This makes is possible for students to be comfortable asking questions, engaging in their own education.
I liked that it’s small and personal but that kind of sucks sometimes and they enjoy getting involved in ur personal life at times
The school system is very good about making everybody feel comfortable and safe. They constantly find ways to compromise with the needs of each student, parent and staff member. I moved into this school system my sophomore year after attending the same school system for almost 10 years and the staff and administration made me feel so welcomed. Coming from such a different environment I was overwhelmed and they definitely made it a little easier. Teacher generally push students to exceed to their fullest potential and be successful.
When I was enrolled in the Dare County School system there was a very poor administrative staff. The focus of the people in power was to look good on paper. The system is incredibly underfunded and needs a makeover.
I have been in Dare County schools since kindergarten and overall I cannot complain about my education. I have a received and excellent education and I am constantly being challenged. The extracurriculars at this school are outstanding. The clubs range from the Gamer Club to the A Capella Club to the Remote Operated Vehicles Club (ROV). Majority of our students are involved in at least one activity, whether it be a sports team, a club or an arts program. One thing I would change is the severity of disciplinary actions at our school. The best policy is equal punishment for everyone, but I suppose that's just life. Another thing I would change is that the most important thing is not sports, but again this has been an ongoing issue in the education system for years. All in all, the memories I have made here will last a lifetime and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I have spent four years at First Flight High School. It was horrible. Teachers didn't care about whether a student was really learning or not, all they cared about was their class rank when it came to state testing. First Flight High School only cares about it's soccer team and graduation rates. It's pathetic.
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