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What I like about Danville School is that the education is at a level where students can learn. Parents are always involve in any school event so that they can know what is going on and what they need to know. The teachers do their very best to help the students and teach us as good as they can to prepare us on anything. My experience is that there were some struggles and still are some struggles but I know and believe in myself that I will learn more and by the mistakes I make to improve in any subject I need to improve.
Danville school district was great. There has many diversity of students. The teachers taught well. Danville school district needs to change their food. They also need to change their rules.
I went to and graduated from Danville High School. Personally I loved the small community and town, because you feel like a big family.
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It is a small school, so you get more help, teachers have more one on one time with you, more resources for assignments, and free time to go places that will help you with your work, you have more opportunities to get into the community college that you are wanting to go to, and it is all around homey!
I love Danville School District because it is my home. I grew up with all of my classmates, and everyone knows each other by name. This school is the epitome of small school learning. However, Danville has come a long way technology and education wise. I feel like Danville has prepared me for the real world, but it should have been more thorough. Student to teacher interactions should be prioritized more, so students have crucial one on one time.
Danville school is a safe environment where students have multiple oppuertunities to participate in whatever club or sport they choose. My experience was average. The only things I wish I could change were the teachers. Our older teachers are a little bias and our rules are too strict, making senior year a bit less fun because of the rules enforced after the seniors from the year before left. Our principal refuses to make change and our school didnt do much to help individual students with a not so good past.
As a high school senior at Danville School District, I have been given the great opportunity to become so involved not just in our school but also in our community. I am in softball and cheerleading and being in those organization throughout my high school career has made me become a better team leader and has helped me in so many great ways. Not only is the athletics amazing, their clubs have made a huge impact in my life, allowing me to reach out and help everyone in our community to make it a better place.
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