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I just moved to danville as a junior this year. After being bullied my whole life at lincoln county coming to danville has been the highlight of my life. Everyone is so nice to me and understanding of everything. They always pick me up when im feeling down. Im gkad to be surrounded by such amazing people.
I love that many of our teachers know us through our work we do and talking to us to find our opinions on many things. I hear many teachers tell me that our administration is quite good to them and always keeps them up to date! Additionally, if our administration tries something new and it does not work out, they admit their fault and try something new.
I transferred from a private school, Danville Christian Academy, in my Junior year. Transferring from a private to public school is a drastic change. The first thing I noticed about Danville Schools is the warm welcoming and the encouragement from all staff members. Junior year to currently in Senior year, I have grown a close relationship to a majority of the faculty and staff. If I could go back and change time, I would have chosen to come to the Danville Independent Schools for my previous years of education. The only thing I would like to see be different in the Danville Schools is the faculty and staff to have a close relationship with all of the student body. Having at least one close relationship to a staff member is very important because the student can walk up to them anytime and talk to this specific staff member. Not only in high school, but in all places I think it’s in need to have a close relationship with at least one person in the operation.
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what I like about Danville Independent Schools is how diverse we are. Compared to the county school we are very Diverse when it come to differnt people, religions, and sexuality's,and we accept people for who they are no matter color,gender, or religion. What i don't like about Danville Independent Schools is the food, some of the teachers, and how some issues are handled. In some situations they go straight to in school suspension(safe) when it could have been a warning or a write up.
The school is great. Our athletics are great, Our academics are great. There are some issues of behavior, but all in all Danville is a great school.
Danville Schools has done a great job with preparing me and my fellow classmates for college. The "Ghost In Blue" culture here drives DHS athletes to success. All of this is thanks to awesome faculty.
Great school if you are top 1% or bottom but not a lot of attention or guidance for middle academic level student.
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