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The high school has fake walls as divisions for classrooms. These are not safe and parts of them tend to fall.
I really liked the community at Danville Community High School. The teachers were easy to talk to and were very welcoming to me as a new student. If I could, I would change their curriculum because they are a little behind on material compared to other schools in the county.
I am a transfer student at Danville Community High School. When I got to Danville, It was like a new beginning. The people are great, and the teachers are incredibly helpful! I have had an amazing experience with all of the staff and students!
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Danville is a wonderful school to be apart of. From sports to class studies, the athletes, coaches & educators are all exceptional people who want nothing but the best for everyone around.
For the most part, I loved my middle school experience here! I can’t say I did much academically but the activities and social aspects were great!
Danville Community Schools is a smaller school with just over 800 students. Academically are school is average. Although my school has many smart kids and is academically competitive in each class. I feel my schools has failed us in some regards one example, is offering honors classes but not having them weighted so it is unfair to kids who take honors classes verse students who have taken regular classes because of the challenge of honors classes they should be weighted.
Danville is a very small school, which for students like myself that thrive with one on one time with teachers would appreciate. However with such a small school problems can arise just as quickly with a larger school. Sometimes the administration might become too friendly with students and there is no longer a barrier between friend and admin. The education overall at DCHS is mediocre. From classroom to classroom you will find various teachers that either care or do not care about they're students and their academic success.
We have been very pleased with Danville Schools. The staff is fantastic from top to bottom and they truly care about each individual kid.
The school is okay but they don’t really prepare you for life after high school. All they care about is making sure they pass the standardized tests for the state. Preparation for college is basically nonexistent.
For me danville community high school, and my graduation has been the best and worst thing in my life. I waited so long to get out of there, and now i miss it. The only thing i don't miss is the fake walls, but hey we have an amazing football field!
More activities and club diversity for younger, middle school, and fringe groups of children. Not everyone will be in a STEM career and it would be nice if school culture and academics reflected this.
I loved growing up in a small town system. Everyone was close, so community involvement was always there.
I transferred to Danville last year and i loved it. Everyone accepted me in like family and it was such a great feeling. The school is kind of old but other than that I absolutely loved it. My friends there I will have forever.
Danville Community School Corporation has friendly faculty, lots of clubs, and competitive athletics.
Danville has been a place I have lived my whole life. Throughout my years at Danville I always had great experiences with my teachers and peers. There were times I wish college preparedness was taken a bit more serious and more things were done to help with the college search. Overall my experience from Kindergarten to Graduation was positive and I hope to send my kids one day.
I used to go to school at DCSC and I liked that it was a safe place to an education. I especially loved North Elementary School because of how nice the teachers were and how great the classes were.
I enjoyed my frist year of Danville Community College and I ready to go back for my spring semester. The teachers for the most part were great and I enjoyed most of my class. It's close to home and not too bad of a drive. I continue to share my experience and point others towards attending the college.
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I am a student at Danville Community High School. Overall my experience has been good, but there are a few things that could be improved. The teachers and faculty are mostly nice and respectful. The class choices are limited, but the curriculum is good. The facilities in the school are moderately good. Both gyms are nice, which is expected seeing as sports are put before many other extracurriculars at the school. The front on the auditorium is nice, but backstage could do with a little help. The location of the school is nice, it is about five minutes west of downtown Danville. My experience has been good overall and I am appreciative of my time at Danville.
The school system is very welcoming to transfer students and diverse people. However, the teachers are not. There is a caste system that has been institutionalized in the high school. If you transfer from a different school around late elementary or later, you wont be considered for sports or any thing you have to try out for. The teachers will cast you off and overall, they lack understanding and care for their students.
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