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Danville Community Consolidated School District No. 118 Reviews

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I have gone to Danville High School for the past 4 years. My overall experience with Danville is not impressive. The faculty is nice but focused more on their paycheck than actually teaching.
Schools don't work very hard on bullying and harassment and is typically looked over and not watched elevator use is strictly prohibited from student unless injured many teacher take up the elevator students have a hard attempt to get to class on time when needing the use off the elevator
I'd like to see the dress code change a lot to let kids have more freedom, the food needs to be better and I'm not safe a lot of the times because there are a lot of violent geto perople
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Very nice environment, there is a stereotype for Danville as being a bad environment, but if you just take it as it is the city isn't bad.
In my own personal experience, I felt that D118 offered a great learning environment for the academically talented in their MATS program. However, I often felt that disciplinary action was taken too often and far too harshly.
danville community consolidated school district is the perfect environment to guaranty a good education supported with high standard values for your children.
There just needs to be more school spirit and more activities that students can get involved in instead of just sports.
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