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Danville City Public Schools Reviews

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I feel like I learned a lot in the Danville Public Schools System, I have had a lot of great teachers that I still remember til this day. I feel like there could be more school spirit and student activities at the high schools.
The teacher are great, not all but most teacher care about you. If could change something it would the dress code policy.
I have been at DPS for 4 years now. I attend Galileo Magnet High and it has been a good experience overall, but the way that safety threats are handled make me a bit iffy. I have had amazing teachers for the most part, aside from one or two that were bad. The principal did address the issue, however.
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I have been in Danville for most of my educated life and compared to other schools Danville City Public Schools have really focused more on how to help the child succeed in life. The schools I attended, like Galileo Magnet High, have prepared me for the stresses of college, but have also taught me important life lessons/values. These schools encourage children to help in the community and have students participate in various projects.
I like how the teachers want us to pass and be knowledgeable in that particular subject. They prepare us for the real world and college.
Some of the teachers seem to have lost the desire to help students. Funds are needed to enhance and create programs for the students. But overall I had a good experience.
I would like for the parents to be more involved. Better education (ex. inclusive & modernized sex ed).
My experience was not exciting. I was treated poorly because the color of my skin. My teachers would pick favorites and pick on the minority children.
The teachers were really involved with my studies, and made sure I was getting the help I needed. I felt welcomed from my first day there to my last. For the sports activity, I ran track. The coach always looked out for his athletes. He didn't just help us on the track, but after practice and meets he would provide rides for those who didn't have one home. I always felt safe getting to school and inside the school, especially with the security watching over the students. The whole experience was great.
Galileo Magnet High school is an excellent college prep school. I have enjoyed my experience there and feel I am well prepared to begin my college career and pursue a medical degree. The school has a diverse student population and a dedicated staff or teachers and administrators who are always willing to help on a moment's notice.
I had a great with Danville Public Schools. The teachers were amazing and always encouraged students. Also pushed them beyond their limits others could imaging.
I loved attending the public schools but one thing I would change is the bullying policy. A lot of people are not getting punished for bullying.
Danville public schools are the best. We have great learning environments and we never have to worry about trouble. We also have a lot to offer. For example: sports, drama, nursing, dental, auto machanics and many more. I wouldn't trade my experiences with Danville public schools for anything. From pre K until high school I've had nothing but great experiences with them. The best part is we learn while having fun. This school system makes learning easy. I love Danville public schools.
I like the diversity. The students there are accepting and nice to everyone. The facility is also good
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