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Danville is a great school, they offer a wide variety of classes to take and many of the teachers make sure students get the help they need to have a successful future.
The Danville Area School District creates many opportunities for young adults that are entering college or the work force.
The Administration needs to change and bring in new talent from other regions for growth. The local politics is intolerable and I don't believe there's any continuity for actual teaching in the high school. The focus is on football and baseball and those children are allowed to do whatever they please.
Some of the programs that are valuable are the Health Club, FFA, and all Agricultural Classes. To be honest, there is not enough communication between the administration and the parents on what they have to offer and how to best help my student become a better leader with future goals. She learns more from her fellow students then she does from any authority figure in the school regarding her future path.
As far as athletics, they are lacking in strength of coaching staff, facilities and maintenance of facilities. Locals are treated like family, outsiders are kept in the dark.
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Within the past few years I have graduated from Danville Area School District. As a whole my education and college preparedness was excellent. However, with all schools something has to be rotten. In this case the administration and some teachers are rotten to the core. Not caring about students mental health and only there for the paycheck.
Academically, Danville is one of the best schools in the central PA area. They are constantly updating the school and making it a place where students feel comfortable learning. Their curriculum makes it easy for students to explore different fields before going off to college.
This school district is great! You keep the small town feel with the technology seen in larger school districts.
I enjoyed the pride and culture Danville had to offer. The confidence in our town and our atheltics never lacked, while we had a great sense of commodity amongst the males, since most of us had grown up together. The facilities had been undergoing many renovations that continued beyond my senior year, and is one of the most modern high schools, and best multi-sport stadiums in the state.
There are certain staff members who made Danville a much better environment to be in, however the favoritism in this district is absurd. The district needs to work on making sure all staff are treating all the students equally.
The teachers are great. Some better than others but overall fantastic learning environment. More focus on the arts is needed, less on sports. They're making improvements already by adding an auditorium. I love the drivers education program they offer.
Danville Area School District offers a wide variety of classes and extracurricular activities that enable students to explore multiple areas of interest instead of being confined to a singular career path like other schools. I have taken science math, English, Spanish, and social studies based AP classes and because of them I feel prepared for college and the workload of college classes. In addition, the numerous athletics teams and clubs have helped me discover more interests and broaden my skill sets through athletics, community service, speech and debate, and business competitions.
Danville was the perfect choice for me when it came to high school. The teachers really care about your education and are always there to help you. Danville is where I finally decided what my major in college would be. Thanks to my nutrition teacher, she helped guide me through my classes, even giving me independent learning experience. This is high school so there are some cliques, but on my first day as a new Danville student, many different people made it a point to talk to you. You'll fit right in!
We had a horrible experience here. The teachers are sadistic and will psychologically target a child per class, making it miserable for that child. We have since moved to a blue ribbon school with certifiably wonderful teachers at a nationally top rated school system... and our child is thriving both socially and academically. I would never move back to Danville with school aged children and send them to the public school. There are very few options in the area, unfortunately. The local catholic school and the local friends school are convenient. For high school, I would recommend Wyoming Seminary, if you have the means. Good luck.
Teachers especially in the math field are very intelligent and understanding as well as teaching the class properly in which every student understands
My experience in the Danville Area School District has been great. I have always lived in Danville, and I have always enjoyed school. Every employee is nice, especially those at the high school. Staff are always encouraging kids and talking to them in the halls. Every day is filled with many smiles. The classes in the Danville school system are quite challenging. However, this has prepared me very well for college. I am very proud to have been a part of the Danville Area School District.
Danville is a very close minded place where they try to make everyone think the same. Also everyone is treated like they are inferior to the teachers. Only thing I like is resource
Through my four years of experience at Danville, I found that the more sports and activities you participate and excel in, you will be most liked and know more people and make more friends. I was once asked, "If you became principle at this school, what would you change about it" and I replied that I would change the curriculum and how the teachers taught. I found that most of the teachers seemed to not like or enjoy their jobs and they lost the students' interest and were very boring and not relatable.
Danville Area provides a environment where each and every student has what he/she needs to reach their goals. The teachers are different from average teachers. They are careing and willing to devote any amount if time and effort to the students. Each school offers an assortment of clubs/ activities for their students as well as support programs for students who need an extra helping hand. Students are given opportunities to stand out and futher imrove upon both their strengths and weakness and prove to themselves they can do anything they put their mind to. Technology is an integrated part of the education at Danville. It powers new ideas and expands learning beyond traditional methods and motivates students and staff. Danville Area School District tries to "change the future one learner at a time".
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Danville Area School District excels in preparing its students for college but lacks the diversity necessary to reach its full teaching potential.
It is very easy to have a good relationship with your teachers and other classmates. The education program is one of the better programs i think in the area.
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