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Small population meant small classes. This allowed more one on one time with teachers, more laid back teachers, and a little bit more freedom in classes.
Dansville is a community that welcomes all with open arms. They strive to make the experience in school to be the best it can be for each and every student. Faculty and staff truly cares about you and your education, while maintaining a energetic, fun environment to learn.
I really liked the community. Everyone was very welcoming and when something went wrong, the community was there to help with open arms. The one thing that I would change is the diversity and college readiness. Going into college, I didn't know what to expect and had no help applying to colleges. My counselor kind of just told us that we were on our own.
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Dasnville high school is a close knit community. They are close to families and they help the community out in anyway. They are a family like community. the school is close are helpful. The school is helpful and always willing to give a helping a hand in anyway possible.
I really love the family atmosphere at Dansville High School. I always feel like my peers and the staff are pushing me to be a better version of myself. We love to see each other succeed
I lile how close the teachers can get with students thanks to the smaller class sizes -- however I would like to see more diversity in the classes themselves. More clubs would also be welcome, as mainly, the only way to get involved is through sports.
The small classroom sizes provide a perfect learning environment for the kids. Each teacher is enthralled in their subject and offers one-on-one time with the students. The overall academic achievements have been very high for a number of years. The perfect place for a growing family to enroll.
A very great small school. The best athletics in the best division C conference, The CMAC. Small community, but a great one to be apart of.
Dansville is a small town in Michigan where everyone knows everyone. I had about 75 students in my graduating class. Though it was a small school the staff and students were very supportive and kind. The smaller classes gave me the opportunity to get more one-on-one with teachers. I was really able to accelerate at this school. The staff genuinely care about their students and would push them to do their best. The only thing that I would change in Dansville Schools is the variety of classes. Being a small school, there was not as many opportunities as there would be at a large school. However, they are in the process of trying to widen the variety. Overall, Dansville Schools gave me a great education and did well in preparing me for my life.
It's a small school but that's ok bc I'm shy and antisocial and it's less people to deal. And the teachers are great, they always make sure that we're learning while having fun. They want us to know that we can go to them whenever we have any kind of problems. It's a great school with a lot of spirit.
The aspect of Dansville that appeals to me is its ability to give every student a quality education. Dansville is a small school, located near Lansing, Michigan, and its small size allows the students and staff to know each other personally. Every student knows the others in his/her class, and every teacher knows his/her students individually, allowing them to teach them differently based on their different needs. The teachers there are very friendly and personal, both with each other and with the students. Dansville is also made great by the people in it. The school has many different fundraisers and group that help out locally, which could not be done with a bigger school. Everyone knowing each other helps us come together as a community more, and makes Dansville an excellent place to work and live.
Dansville School is best known for being a small school. Being apart of Dansville school for the last thirteen years has been truly the best experience of my life. What’s different about Dansville School than other schools I would say is, Dansville is connected. Being at Dansville I’ve seen how welcoming this school really is. Everyone knows everyone here while your business as well.
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