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DCS does the best it can with the resources available to them. The teachers care about their students an incredible amount and go far for their students' success. The administration also works hard to improve opportunities for the students.
One can learn a lot while at Danville Central School. The teachers care about you in more than just your education, they want you succeed in life. They see you as a person not just a child they have to educate. Due to the small community surrounding the school everyone knows everyone. As many know this can be a curse and a blessing. This makes you stronger in the school or makes you fall apart, this depends on how you are seen by the community. Many teachers don't look at that aspect of a student, rather they turn to who they see not what others do.
I liked my friends and teammates along with coaches.
I really disliked our facility's and our athletic department is very poorly ran.
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I am a Dansville Central School graduate, being a part of the class of 2014.

I was a drama kid so that was an awesome experience. I played XC and it was fabulous; our coach Auble was so kind and generous.

The academics were very good for a school such as Dansville, being that it resided in a poorer neighborhood than most.

I feel like it adequately prepared me for my undergraduate experience!
It's a very progressive school. They do a good job in how to do well in school. If gone here my whole life and would not have it any other way
Really try’s to include all students and staff into everything they do. Needs better food for students. Sports need better coach’s.
I grew up in the town and went to school there. It was an average small town school that was always improving. The teachers really got to know you and you know all your peers. There was always ways to get involved if you wanted to. Had a very good sense of community.
Good academics when looking at the overall core concepts of subject matter and what the class covers and dedicated teachers, however there is not a wide variety of electives or AP/Honors classes
Dansville school strives to be the most accepting, safest and academically prepared school in New York. In many ways it accomplishes this, with groups like the acceptence group and SADD club bullying is virtually non existant. It's encouragement to join the BOCES trade school also allows those who don't want to attend college gain the skills to get a job right out of high school. Lastly it's mandatory PE every other day makes it so teenagers are active and having fun while many schools do not enforce any mandatory activity. For these reasons and more I am proud to go to Dansville High School.
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