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Daniel Boone Area School District Reviews

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Daniel Boone is a great environment but has its issues like many other schools. The teachers are great and I have had a great experience. However, there have been some safety problems that have been since fixed.
Daniel Boone is very community oriented which helps foster the sense that you belong there. There is something for everyone to be involved in if they choose to be. The staff goes above and beyond to make high school better. Some of the graduation requirement seem over-the-top to me, but those are not the schools requirements but the states.
It has its up and downs, but it is a decent school. It might not be perfect but I’d take this school over others any day.
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The community and faculty overall is very strong and involved in the students. However, the school lacks in preparing students for life after high school.
Daniel Boone Area School District is about the people. It is about student involvement, parent involvement, and being equal. The people in the school are supportive, accepting, and genuine. I would personally like to see change in class opportunity. Throughout my four years of high school, more classes have been offered to all grades, but I would like to see classes that get you ready for life. For example, college readiness, taxes and financing, basic life expectations.
I liked that DB had many opportunities for kids outside classroom experiences. Hs principal is great!
Daniel Boone is a great community with enthusiastic teachers who make the experience inclusive and educational.
I liked how many of the teachers got to know you as a person and not just as someone sitting in their classroom. They really cared about all of their students.
The teachers here really try to help students succeed. The administration is slow moving and is typically rude to students who ask questions.
As a parent of a child that just completed 3rd grade we have had nothing but positive experiences with this school district. The teachers have been phenomenal at dealing with my sons high activity behaviors. He has come such a long way with the help of his teachers! This school has been the complete opposite of all the negative that I had heard before my children started school here.
Teacher’s are extremely friendly and open to working with their students, but the school has a problem with having enough substitutes for coverage.
It was an okay experience, made a lot of friends, teachers were nice but some didn't help much when students would be struggling. I wouldn't change much except the food and the sports teams as most of them haven't won a championship since the 1980's
My school district has faced many challenges this past year. But through it all, we remained one. Not many people know of my school, but I’m so glad I have been able to attend this district for all 12 years of my schooling. I wouldn’t trade these years for anything.
My review for this school was too many characters, but I feel as though I have to say it all. I can't just pick a few of the many terrible things that happened while I was there. Please look at my review on google, my name is Lance.
I would like for it to get better and improve overall. It’s a great school at times and so on. However the school definitely lacks character and meaningfulness. Everyone is just in their own bubbles and there really isn’t room for diversity and getting along with EVERYONE as a whole. Some teachers are really good and productive as some definitely are not.
Daniel Boone Area School District is an average school district. Most of the teachers and staff are kind and helpful; however there are some teachers that lack the ability to actually teach the material. As a district, Daniel Boone tends to be a close knit, friendly, supportive environment. As a whole the Daniel Boone "family is excellent at supporting, bringing awareness, and fund raising for any cause that crosses their path. The students are cliquey and can be mean to one another, but overall the district is a nice environment.
As a student, I can verify that the academics of this school are top priority. All students are stressed to pursue their interests and apply themselves. There is a wide diversity of coursed, especially AP, offered in multiple subjects. Though Daniel Boone is well qualified in its programs, both scholar and extracurricular, it seems to lack in preparation for college. The guidance administration is not very strong in counselling. The facilities and resources of the school are not the best. Overall though, Daniel Boone has much to offer for any student in their studies.
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Daniel Boone is a school where you must connect. The atmosphere that this school provides is average at best but to make the time you spend there great you must get involved. Daniel Boone offers a wide variety of clubs and activities to get involved in that are supported by passionate teachers and parents.
It was has good AP pathways and more AP classes, but I would like to see more diversity within the school and the distric as well as more training for AP teachers.
Daniel Boone has a good student body and a lot of programs to offer to students. The sports teams are successful. The clubs are involved in the community and great to be a part of. However, some staff and the school board are not well qualified for their positions. Some teachers are excellent and care about their students. The courses offered are good for the most part, some required courses are rather irrelevant.
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