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I’ve grown up in the district all my life and have had questionable teachers and teachers that really cared. It just sucks that the food at DHS is terrible and our school is so crowded which is unsafe for reopening during times like these. All my years until Highschool were 7/10 in this district.
Danbury High School is truly what you as a student makes of it. With a variety of clubs, arts, sports, and extracurriculars, DHS has a way for every student to get involved. The administrators are passionate about what they do and reflect student feedback to make DHS a positive experience for the students. As students, we know our best interests are in the Principals mind as he works endlessly and passionately to make DHS the best it can be for attendees. Overall, SAT and college prep could be better emphasized within the curriculum. But the diverse and interesting classes offered at a variety of difficulty levels prepare students, nonetheless, for life after graduation. I am lucky to have formed strong friendships and relationships with my peers and teachers and believe that the "cons" of DHS have taught me values and lessons that I will take with me to college. I am thankful for DHS and all that it has done for me, GO HATTERS!
It's pretty decent, but could be better for the high student count. If there was just a little more money for the school, it would be tremendously better. Unfortunately, these funds are not available. However, it is a very diverse school, and the teachers are great. Academics are good, especially if you try, but there are not many of the best universities that look at Danbury. (Usually one student accepted per ivy/esteemed university.) The elementary schools are a great learning environment, and you can have great advantages if you circumnavigate it correctly.
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Danbury Highschool was a good school to go to. It prepared me for college and I was able to learn a lot. The sport and clubs at DHS are strong and are a great advantage of going there.
There was much diversity among the student body, staff were always helpful and wanted you to learn and succeed, but the bathrooms were a disgrace. VERY DIRTY
Teachers quickly get in touch with parents of students when student’s grades starts falling. The school district have a great Global study program in both elementary and the middle school program as well as the STEM program in middle school.
The Danbury School District become one when it comes to prioritizing the education of the student body. They focus and push their students to become the better version of themselves. And they do this with much love and care. One thing I would like to see different is more consideration in the testing and quizzing aspect. I understand that it is all a part of the curriculum however many students are great testers and therefore are poorly represented when it comes to their work and grades.
My experience at this school has been good. I have kept to myself and do have friends to talk to and hang out with. The academics that are offered are abundant, the problem is the lack of resources for some of the subjects.
Great teacher and great students. Think that D H S has given me many opportunities that other schools could not have. I have met great people from all over the world there. At D H S, there are over 100 languages spoken. At other schools, there is not that much diversity. I feel the D H S has exposed me to the diversity of the world at an earlier stage than other schools
As a current student in the Danbury School system I have seen many of the changes they have made to increase student development over the years. They have provided a multitude of extra support such as tutors, for students who appear to be struggling in their academics. As the student enrollment numbers have went up; particularly at the high school, so have the amount of electives that the students have access to. Overall I believe that the teachers and administration in all the schools across the district have made tremendous strides in ensuring that each student gets a learning experience that will help them for years to come. This is a mission that many other schools across the state do not appear to have in mind. Finally the amount of diversity amount the population allows students to interact with so many students from across the world, another area where schools across the state appear to be deeply lacking.
What I really liked about the Danbury School District is the emphasis on diversity that was placed within the schools. Additionally, I really enjoyed the activities and clubs that were offered throughout my high school career; there was always something for everybody and even if there wasn't a club or activity someone wasn't particularly interested in, they could create their own!
I have enjoyed my time as a student at Danbury High School due to the plethora of opportunities that it provides. There is a large variety of courses that students can take, as well as an immense amount of extracurricular programs. Additionally, since the school is so diverse in personalities, race, and backgrounds, it provides a unique learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. Overall, I feel quite fortunate to have been able to attend Danbury High School.
I love my experience at Danbury High School. I am forever grateful that the diversity has taught me so much about all the different cultures we have around the world. Everyone is friendly and is always willing to help. My teachers always pushed me to do my best because they knew I was capable of doing it even if I thought I wasn't.
Great teachers and academics, also good sports teams. Very diverse and wide variety of classes for different academic level.
The High school just opened a brand new building just for the freshman. The high school could be crowded at times but easy to get used too. That’s the reason why danbury started to build the new freshman building to lower the people in the hallways.
Need to offer more interesting courses, offer more specific courses as well as important business classes that will actually prepare students for the future.
I love how everyone is so friendly and how they are respectful. Everyone is diverse and people respect that. The facility is helpful and kind
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The district isn't the best, there is way too many people, there are VERY few teachers willing to compromise or help you in school, there are a few teachers that will go the extra mile for you but its rare.
The school district is very diverse and creative with amazing teachers and staff!
The schools themselves are very clean and safe, and provide a homie and comfortable environment.
I like how expansive the opportunities are in Danbury. All schools offer numerous clubs and programs to expand student knowledge, create friendships, and to give back to the community. It is imperative that the school district maintain this broad selection of diverse groups to nurture students and keep them involved in school beyond the classroom
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