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Dalton City Schools held great pride in their school. They are very united as a school system but the environment inside the schools was a bit segregated by race. The students seemed to enjoy being apart of the school system but could not get out of their comfort zone to actually socialize more with people outside their own race.
The schools are very well organized and the competition in school is good , because it provides growth towards the students.
I graduated from Dalton High school in 2015. I attended a school from this district since first grade. I have enjoyed my time there, I feel like this district really helps students prepare for college. They offer dual enrollment and ap classes which gives students a leg up in college. The only thing i wish they could change is the quality of the food. Young brains need a lot of nutrients to retain all the information that is thrown at them. Sadly, the food this district offers is very poor. All junkie and fatty food, wish they served more vegetables and had a bigger variety of food. Overall, it is a really good district. I feel anyone who attended here would be prepared for college by the time they graduated.
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The Dalton community is amazing. There are so many people who are involved and the staff and faculty are amazing. The only thing that is hold back the city of Dalton are their elementary schools. Also in every school the front office ladies are horrible.
They love not only my kids, but my whole family. Everybody works together with kids as the focus. We haven’t ever beenasked to do something at home we could not do because the schools are sure to orovide all kids with the stuff needed.
I liked the level of academics but it was too crowded. The AP classes in high school were good and so were the teachers that taught them. However, all of the schools were overcrowded and that detracted from the experience.
I have been attending Dalton city schools since elementary and I love the school district. The Dalton city school district does a fantastic job at bringing the different schools together for different events, allowing the students to interact with one another. There are a few schools in the Dalton school district, so when talking about what changes should be made, I believe it depends on what school you attended. I attended Dalton high school and change is actually taking place this school year. My school is undergoing renovation. This renovation is going to improve Dalton high school majorly. My overall experience with Dalton city schools has been great and is definitely one to remember.
Each student is treated with respect each day. Children are provided the highest quality of individualized and customized lessons and resources--no matter what race, no matter what economic status. What families want for their children, so does the Dalton CIty Schools. My children have attended all three area districts and have experienced the highest quality of care regarding the whole student. I could give numerous examples where my children have shown improvement and where it has been because of the local, public schools they attend.
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