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I believe Dallastown Area High School is the best school in the area. However Dallastown does lack greatly compared . Cafeteria food is absolutely horrible. The pizza will be uncooked 90% of the time. The french fries are unbelievably disgusting. Advise new students to invest in packing lunch. Facilities and technology are pretty up to date. Each student is given a school laptop to use which is convenient. Most teachers are nice and understanding. School spirit also lacks greatly. Rarely have assembles, which you might not think are a big deal but they show spirit and involvement.Safety is definitely provided at Dallastown, however at times you can definitely feel like the school is a prison because of the lack of freedom. The school also suffers diversity issues but that is mainly because of the location and upbringing of the students. The school does try to enforce a welcoming and diverse environment for all but they can only do but so much.
I came to the high school as a new student from out of town. Even though I was new in an upper grade, I felt welcome. My peers were very nice, I made friends easily. I felt what the teachers asked from me was reasonable. I felt that the material was relatable and applicable for further education and life. It effectively prepared me for college. I was able to get involved in certain activities that I really enjoyed. I honestly was able to enjoy most of my time there. I felt that there was a lot of activities offered to the students, whether it was recreational or educational.
I had a very pleasant and exciting experience at Dallastown. I was very involved in clubs and sports and it felt like a family to me. The teachers and administrators are willing to help and are invested in their students.
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I didn't like the sudden switch to trimesters during the middle of my time here. I do like that they work hard to push students.
Dallastown is one of the best schools in the area because of their supportive staff and population of students who strive for their best. It's a community where we can learn to grow and explore opportunities in a safe environment along with our friends. I am heavily involved in the school through multiple organizations and clubs so I see the hard work that the students and advisors dedicate to our school for the enjoyment of the rest of the school body. The facilities include an updated learning center to replace an outdated library, a cafe with delicious treats made by staff, and a new an improving security system to help create a feeling of safety in the school. Problems occur in the high school as any other school would have, but I believe overall we are a happy family who motivate each other to achieve our best in whatever way we desire.
The education level and teacher support is 10/10. There are a variety of classes and extracurricular activities to choose from. Dallastown works together as a community .
Overall you get a quality education in which they prepare you for college. It is one of the better public schools in the area. The did make a mistake by switching to a trimester schedule. It makes it difficult to get some of the classes you want and it is harder to retain information in certain subjects when you don't have them continually. They have some great teachers, but like any public school, they also have some teachers who are not passionate about teaching.
Dallastown did a great job preparing me for college. The only thing I think they need to change is getting rid of Trimesters - they don't do any good and make things so much worse.
Dallastown is a good school with strong academics, but it certainly has its flaws. It went downhill after after the trimester system was implemented. Some teachers are amazing, but other teachers are horrible.
Dallastown has great academics. With the implement of the trimester schedule, more academic opportunities are presented to students. On top of academics, Dallastown has a fairly decent sports program. They normally finish 1st or 2nd in the York and Adams league. But one thing that must be improved is diversity. There is a lot of underlying racism from parents, staff and students. Dallastown is a predominately white school/ district with little minority.
I don't even know where I would start with how wonderful Dallastown Area School District is, through the years of attending this school. Everyday I am impressed on how well Dallastown is kept and the academics. I love being a Dallastown Wildcat! I can't wait to graduate and say I went to such an awesome high school that got me ready for college.
I am a current high school student at Dallastown Area High School. I feel that I was put at a disadvantage because of the transition to trimesters and the continual changes in staffing and scheduling which has been inconsistent throughout my entire high school experience.
The support I received in all 4 years of high school were outstanding. I had teachers who always went the extra mile and would take time before or after school to provide support and advice. They would check on my progress if I was struggling in not only school but my personal life.
Students are given many opportunities to help plan their future. The counseling office is an amazing resource. Most teachers are there to help students through more than just academics. The support system at this school is the best aspect. There are also more than enough extracurricular activities to choose from. Administration does come up with a few debatable choices, but overall, we could have worse. I am going into my senior year and I have had a memorable experience up to this point.
The education you receive at Dallastown is top notch, the teachers are all very much into their job and are always there to help. Of course you will have high school Drama, but overall the classes prepare you for college well.
Dallastown Area School District challenged me academically. It was a great way for me to push myself in the classroom and be prepared for college. Their numerous clubs and sports allowed me to participate in several activities outside of the classroom.
Dallastown is good at preparing you for college as my friends have said. You may not like some teachers, but that’ll happen everywhere you go. They have a really good selection of extracurriculars. Get involved!
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Dallastown area school district is a well rounded high school, with a lot of benefits it has caring teachers that show interest in students growth. These teachers spend time with students that need an extra help. In every school there's the good side and their bad side. The "Bad side " is that in their athletic program is very bias, if you know the coaches and played before you are more then likely to make the team again without a doubt. The school was a great
I think some of the teachers at Dallastown Area High School are great. They hope to help students and adequately prepare them for college. I also find many troubled students at Dallastown, which means that the school should improve their safety and programs for students in need.
Overall, my experience was great. There were some issues with administration. I would love to been able to decorate my graduation cap since I did buy it.
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