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The school overall has terrible administrative figures, who quite frequently try to implement their “beliefs” into the school. Also we allow all access to bathrooms and locker rooms, meaning guys and girls can go into either depending on how they “feel that day.” Honestly to say the least, Dallas school district is terrible.
I like how it’s a small town so when know everyone we have grown up with. We need a bigger high school
The patience and the time they have put in to help my autistic son to be sucessful is enormous. Every teacher has some how helped my child become a verbal child and learn to read. So many have sat with him and encourage him. He would never be where he is of it wasn't for the small family environment we have. We now have 2 children there and they love going to school and love being with their teachers and aids. It's such a loving and inviting school.
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I would like to see newer facilities for sports and athletics as well as more interactive classes. The teachers here are amazing but everyone could agree that we at Dallas High School need the latest technology to keep up to standards of the State of Oregon.
I like the way how everyone is treated the same and how the teachers like the students who are willing to give their best to learn.
The student body was very inclusive! The teachers were supportive and truly cared about students and their learning. There were not a lot of electives however.
Our funding is very low and the district chooses to spend it on sports instead of our education. They also hire really bad teachers bases on their religion making it biased.
Overall, my experience at Dallas School District has been positive, however I do believe that there are multiple things that need to be improved upon.
The staff is, for the most part, wonderful. Great people. They teach well, communicate well, are respectful and demand respect, and care about us, the students. I've heard the horror stories of bad teachers/staff and count myself lucky to have as good a faculty as we do.
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