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Overall a great head start for your educational journey it’s ok to start small at a community college then further your education at a university saves you a lot of money
My experience in Dallas independent school district,is one I will never forget,there are so many paths and choices my school has to Emmett I Conrad were I attend has all of the academia in the district for a variety of career paths.
For the five years or so I have been in the Dallas Independent School District, it seems to have improve very well. The staff and teachers in every school have always seem very passionate for teaching students. I always seem to learn something new every day.
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Dallas ISD is a good school district that has a lot to offer to its students. The teachers and staff are helpful and want the students to succeed.
I have been with dallas ISD my whole time living in the united states and my experience hasn't been bad at all. Most of the teachers have been very nice and know what they're doing, same with other staff. The only complaint I would have is how often things change, during high school I had a different principal every year, meaning most of the rules and goals for the school changed overall.
DISD cares more about dress code than education. The teachers tend to believe they are superior than everyone. They have no respect for students and they get mistreated. The security monitors yell at students for no reason whatsoever. I am blessed to be graduating 2019. DISD just seems to get lower every year.
The Dallas Independent School District has good programs, but sometimes does not have the proper resources to complete activities or keep the classes functioning.
What I like about the Dallas independent school district is the student to teacher ratio . But things that need to change are how the teachers treat the students.
School district seems to be slightly unorganized but overall cares about the safety of students, even if enforced with less important rules than should be
I enjoyed the people that I have met, but the food was not the best. The magnet programs offered are very good and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is wanting to get the most out of this district. The opportunities offered are, what I am assuming, the same amount among other districts.
DISD provides students with many opportunities and definitely prepares you for your future. Teachers are well trained and are set to go above and beyond for their students. Many programs are offered that allow students to figure out what it is they enjoy or would possibly like to do in the future. A change that could be taken into consideration is not only teaching students academics but teaching students how to give back to the community. I think it is very important to always give back to those that are less fortunate than us. With all the resources and opportunities that are given to us, we can make a change in other people’s lives.
Dallas ISD Needs to be provide with more funds so that the school can have enough resources to support the amount of students enrolled in their schools. Also the district needs to help prepare students for college. Most kids don't know how to type a proper paper. The district just want their test scores to be high so they have the teachers to the standards of the test.
This district is awful. The teachers are irresponsible and rude, they give students zeros on assignments we completed, and so much more. The administration doesn't do their job. Students run around doing whatever they want and never learn anything. I'm so glad I'm on my way out.
I thought DISD was pretty good. I think my experience so far has been good. An improvement I’d like to see is more sports options for magnet schools.
I like that the teachers are involved in our education, they try their best to help us. the teacher from the academy of hospitality and tourism works real hard to help her students get there endorcement. The staffs try their best to help out parent and if they need help with anything they try to be friendly. j odljfnoeisd jkfnioweskdc ojskfdi
I'm currently a senior in the Dallas Independent School District, and through all my years the schools I've attended were okay as far as I could remember. The staff do care about the students in every campus, and want the best for their students .
I would like Dallas Independent School District to improve their college readiness programs and better food and resources for students.
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It’s okay but they have some nasty food. Sometimes there’s a lot of fights or we don’t have enough food. The teachers get mad or won’t explain things well well that’s some teachers we don’t know
The Dallas independent school district is one that tries to make sure that all students feel as though they have a place. Because of this I believe that I was truly able to have an enjoyable high school experience. I was able to get involved with other students as well as my community through participating in activities like volleyball, basketball, and earning the spot of vice president in student council. These various and outgoing activities have really made an impact on me. They have taught me about teamwork, code switching, leadership, and other important life skills. I am truly appreciative of the opportunities, and experiences that I've had.
Dallas District is a very wonderful place to be in they try to keep there student happy and get them where they're supposed to be in.
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