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Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District Reviews

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I like DCG as a student. The teachers really care about each and every student which makes it a very great learning experience.
DCG was a good school with enough AP courses to help me prepare for college. The athletic department was pretty good and all over the school was clean and most of the teachers were helpful.
Dallas Center Grimes high school is a wonderful place to go. It is a perfect size of school so that you know everyone. The teachers are great and helpful and there is always someone to help you with any problem you might have. One thing I would change is the late work policy. This school allows you to turn in your work late with minimal consequences. I think that that sets us up for failure in the real world.
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A combination of fast growing Grimes and country Dallas-Center, DCG was the perfect mix of racist Trump supporters, and liberal city kids. Many of my teachers helped out throughout my time there, and really fought for the underdog. Unfortunately, the administration at DCG doesn't have much time for the underdog. I would like to see less focus placed on the football team and their field, and more focus placed on smaller groups like the GSA and the arts.
Great sized school, big enough that not everyone knows everything about everyone, but small enough to know everyone in your class. Clean, organized school with overall great staff.
I enjoyed the social vibe of the high school. I felt that I could get along with almost anyone. The academics are really helping me to succeed in college. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other high school.
Dallas Center Grimes is an outstanding school district. I feel as if it is one of the best, if not thee best, in the state. It is a safe environment and has a supportive community. The only thing I would change is how the high school is only 10th-12th instead of 9th-12th.
I love Dallas Center-Grimes High School. The teachers are good and actually care about the well being and success of every child that walks into school. It's a very positive environment to learn and grow, and I have loved my time at this school. I feel like the teachers would do anything to help me succeed and learn, and they love providing tools for my success. I could not have picked a better school to attend for the past four years.
This is an excellent district & community. I wouldn't send my child anywhere else. I've never had an issue getting an old of a staff member & academics are 2nd to none.
DCG is an amazing school. The only downside is there is not a lot of diversity compared to other schools, but I have noticed there is more diversity this year than years past. Parent involvement is really good. Parents are constantly volunteering to take part in their school district. I haven't ever noticed bullying, but I know that it exists here. On the plus side, from what I've heard, there's not a lot of bullying, especially compared to other schools nearby.
The teachers do a great job of communicating with the students and parents. I feel like they try very hard to make sure that the kids are ready for college. They teach them independence and hard work. If my kids have any questions. The teachers are always willing to meet with them after school or before to help them. Everyone is very friendly and I feel that my child is always safe going to school.
School district is okay, but administration is not helpful with student problems. There are some good teachers, but there are many duds that don't teach well. At DCG, if your student is a good one, he or she will get along fine. If not, tough luck.
Dallas Center-Grimes is a very close knit community. You can always count on others here to pick you up when something knocks you down. I have been a part of a few different communities in my life, but this is the only one that feels like a true family.
All the teachers were nice, excepting, and always listened to problems you had but there are some hard teachers and its a growing school.
Very good school, lots of college courses offered to high school students and very nice teachers. The courses are harder so kids have to try harder and understand the classes
Every student get to have their own laptop, which is a really nice perk. Every day we have a half-period were students can go to teachers to ask for help in classes they are struggling in. Students can easily get independent studies for classes currently not offered in the school.
I love my school because my teachers have made me feel safe, prepared, and excited for my future. Our recognition of AP scholars proves that we care as a district about the education students receive. Both academics and extra-curricular activities are strong at DC-G. Many activities are offered which allow students with varying talents to find a club or event that suits their interests. Although I faced some personal challenges along the road of life, I wouldn't change anything about my high school experience. I have been privileged to participate in activities that offered leadership opportunities as well as take AP classes that allowed me to learn at a more challenging pace. None of this could be possible without our amazing staff and administration.
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