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Daleville High School is a very small school and it is only getting smaller, everyone knows everyone. Some teachers are not very good, but there are a couple good ones that have been there for quite some time. Daleville could really work on better preparing students for college.
In Daleville City Schools you experience a lot. You learn the most do's and don't. Some kids come to school to get away from home because they don't like it at home. Dicipline wise Daleville is top notch. They even brought ISS back.
The people of Daleville High School are excellent people. All the teacher that Daleville has received over the recent years are great compared to some of the previous teachers that I had. The facility itself is a bit old and needs an update.
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My school wasn’t the best. No School is perfect. But my school has changed me. It’s helped me prepare my self for the real word, also helped me develop skills I will use all throughout my life.
My experience was an average one during my time at Daleville High School. While attending here I experienced multiple changes in the school. I have seen a lot of teachers get fired for the better reasons and even our superintendent was forced to resign. Another thing i witnessed here was how diverse and nice the people here were. When I first moved here I was already friends with several people because they were just nice people in general. Things I would like to see change ,however, is the way the school looks in the inside and the food. The inside of the school doesn't give that "Welcome to Daleville" type of feeling, so it needs some redecorating. The food here is a disgrace, and there is nothing god to say about it.
I like that I have the ability to be in more than 1 extracurricular activity without any issues. I also like the fact that there is an actual JROTC program, unlike my recent school.
It was a somewhat good four years here. I enjoyed being apart of the vast programs here. I met friends who would hopefully be in my life forever. Just like other schools, Daleville has ups and downs, but learning from those downs is what makes Daleville Unique.
Daleville High school is an intimate learning setting. The administration and faculty truly care and work with you one on one. We are surrounded by opportunities. The school is very diverse , so you can learn about others cultures and experience it with them. The teachers are carefully chosen and all of them a tremendous at their expertise. Daleville is a small, rural town in Alabama and the safety is the number one concern to many people and it is fantastic!
The only thing I like about Daleville city schools is some of the teaching staff. I cannot say anything else good about the school system. The administration is working to improve it, but there is much progress to be made. There are not many advanced classes offered and the ones hat are offering are not tha advanced. Also, the school system does not prepare you for college. I would like to see more money go towards investing into a better academic program that challenges students and encourages academic achievement.
One of the the only high schools in the area where seniors are allowed off campus lunch. Enjoy being here, but not as challenged as I would like. It was hard trying to catch up the years after due to many of my teachers being pregnant and pulling in a substitute. Overall it's alright, but wished the whole teacher swapping would settle down for a while.
The education is okay at best. The teachers don't care much for the children's success. Not the school for average kids they will get lost in the system.
The teachers are great. The food isn't that good, I think there should be more searches and they should drug test the athletes, and I think they shouldn't show favoritism towards the football team and basketball team, the school needs to be more strict.
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