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Dale school are not so bad, just need improvement in teachers-parents relationship, and some of them are too old. Food is horrible but I will choose a Date public school for my kids.
This is a very positive atmosphere. The teachers and students are very supportive, especially with sports. I play softball, and whenever we win a big game, we are always welcomed with big smiles and told "Congratulations." The teachers truly care about the well being of each and every student. It's one big family.
It was a very diverse experience and over all a pretty good one. They do kind of expect you know a lot of things that sometimes you don't, that's why I gave a low score for college readiness. The food was okay, and the teachers are either really great and really bad. I fell like maybe the should make more of an effort for one on one time and really try to help students according to their specific needs. Same goes with administration and even their counselors. they should make it mandatory to go to your councilor at least twice a year so you can stay on track for graduation and college.
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The Dade County School system is a growing system that is making improvements every year. The high school was just recently renovated and many new teachers were brought in. The staff is always willing to help their students. High School students have a variety of courses to choose from when enrolling for classes, from food science to construction. The school system is involved in many activities that take place within the community. One area of improvement would have to be how the administration handles behavioral problems. Very few consequences are given to students and preferential treatment is given to those who are well known. Sports are the main focus rather than education and academics.
I love the teachers and the staff. For the most part, the staff is respectful and treats us as equals. My school has a great learning environment with faculty that genuinely care about my studies and my health.
Although my home MDC campus was Kendall, I also took several courses in the Hialeah and Wolfson campuses. Overall, the professors and courses I took were all outstanding. Most, if not all, of the professors I had truly enjoyed teaching the subject they were teaching, which to me helps the student learn. Some things that could use improvement is the staff that deal with switching classes, finances, advisement, and other staff that you would go to when you have questions or are in need of help. Many of them give incorrect information, do not help, misguide you, and are just not helpful. No place is perfect, but in my opinion, the education received outweighs the bad "customer service."
My experience at Miami Dade county schools is great. The schools are the clean and the level over learning is of the chart.
I like the people that work at the schools​. They have good attitudes and would like to see everyone succeed.
Go Killian! I loved the 12 years I spent here. Ready for FSU and my future career. Please let me win this scholarship, because I really really need it.
I been in Dade Schools for a very long time and my experience has been great.
I would like to see nothing change that's how awesome Dade schools is.
Dade County Schools are very progressive and have put a lot of effort into improving the quality of teachers and resources available.
I loved attending DCHS it has numerous teachers that helped me with anything that I needed and helped me understand the curriculum through extra tutoring so forth. The food there is not good at all I brought my lunch everyday because our options were limited. I do enjoy the small town atmosphere
Since I have moved to the county I am 100% satisfied, the school is exceptional just like its teachers.
My experience with Dade County Public Schools has been an excellent experience. The magnet programs have alot to offer and they were a perfect fit for my two sons starting from Middle School at South Miami, New World School of the Arts and Coral Reef High School. All the teachers at these schools were dedicated and the Network of Oarents is amazing. It felt like family. I believe that you can get the best from the best programs at these schools if you arr informed. I have been very happy with the results both my children were motivated with what their schols had to offer. My older son found his passion for art and is now at MiCA. My younger son who is graduating this year from Coral Reef and eants to pursue a career in dentistry. I feel that offering magnet programs these schools are a key element to preparing our children to know what they want to do in the future.
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