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Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Reviews

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I am currently a student at a CFISD high school, and I believe it is one of the best districts around. The district is very inclusive of all students no matter their origin or lifestyle choices.
I have many other relative that live in the Spring and Aldine district and I could notice that they were not receiving the same level of college readiness as I was. I had a cousin who has taking the same AP class as I was and our knowledge of the subject were completely different. I got a 4 on my AP exam while she received a 1. I do believe our district is very competitive academically which really had motivated me to do better and the teacher actually care about the students and making sure we understand the material which I am grateful for. CFISD is one of the best districts in Texas and I couldn't agree more.
The administrative board that runs the entire district works well together. They know what is best for the students and teachers and give full forth when it comes to decision making. I do feel that the board could interact more with schools and not just a simple "Run"
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Call backs to parents need to be timely. Need to offer scholarships to students who achieve with good grades. Updates should be given to students weekly because the kids usually don't know what is going on at school. I ask my daughter questions and she seem to never have an answer, so I end up calling the school for information.
I go to cycree high school and it is a very good school it has helped me become a better student on many aspects. My excitement for learning has also increased and has made the learning experience even better. One thing I would like to change though is how the students and get involved more it would be beneficial to the school and students.
The Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District is great at preparing students for college and has great teachers.
I love cy fair the teachers are nice and friendly and the faculty are also very helpful and ready to help when help is needed.
One thing I like about this district is the diversity seen in each and every school. The college prep is beyond excellent and the rigor of the courses given allow students to see an insight into college education.
I love the school environment and community. It is amazing. The staff and faculty members are great. They always assist and care for all the students. The district has a strict rule and policies in order to improve the school learning environmental. Also, the district offers different opportunities for students to improve academically in school and community.
From Pre-K to my Senior year of High school, I was attending Cypress-Fairbanks Independent school's. I really enjoyed all of the schools I was a part of. As a student I always felt safe, and If there was ever a problem, the teachers and staff were always ready to help. Over all I think they really helped me begin in my academic career. The only thing I would like to see is more of them reaching out with students who are maybe having personal problems.
Cypress-Fairbanks is an ok district, it has had a couple of falls about security and teach involvement with students. I do recommend attending though, many of the teachers teach with joy.
My experience with Cypress Ranch High School was very encouraging, because it taught me things that will follow me for the rest of my life. The staff taught me to strive high and inspired me to have confidence in myself. I liked Cypress Ranch because they made you feel like family. I would like to see every student do public speaking in class, because in today's society that is a requirement for most employers.
I have been in the district for about 3 years now and I enjoy the teachers and level of academic challenge that is offered. I can clearly see the precautions that the district takes in order to secure the safety of the students and teachers, and it is greatly appreciated. I believe that the district could do a better job of promoting the clubs and organizations and also involving the parents. I am proud to be apart of such a successful district in Texas.
I absolutely love Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District! I have been in this district since I was in kindergarten I am a sophmofs at Bridgland High School. The exposure and experience from living within this community is honestly incomparable. The district is continuously evolving to a better community, it strives to meet the needs of parents and students, also teachers and by far some of the best. CFISD ensures that you're ready for the next level and they're willing to anything it takes to get you there. The schools are well developed with exclusive technology, staff is brilliant , and students are welcoming. Also the sports are something that can't be missed with great stadiums and players. I love CFISD.
The teachers at cy-fair care a lot about the success of their students. It's very impressive how much the work and sacrifice so that we can be successful.
One thing I like about the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School districts is their effort to increase sercurity at all Cy-Fair middle schools and high schools. I applaud Cy-Fair for making the use of clear backpacks and ID badges mandatory for all students to ensure that students feel safe in a place where they can learn and make memories. One the other hand, one thing Cy-Fair could work on is their college readiness. I think if Cy-Fair could organize a mandatory event for all juniors and seniors where they could meet with college advisors, counselors, and different representatives would better prepare students for the future.
I have been in the CFISD for all my years that I have been in school., which is roughly about 13 years. It is ok. They have updated their security system which is good given the country we live in.
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Expect excellence from all students and want students to become 21 century world leaders. The superintendent does a great job at supporting all students who go to school in the district. They hire teachers who want the best for their students and make sure that they are successful not only in the classroom but also in life when the graduate. Principles are awesome at creating safe learning atmosphere and making sure students get along with their peers.
I am an alum from a Cypress Fairbanks school I'm actually proud to say my experience was great ! The teaching staff is very helpful on an academic and personal stand point. One thing I can definitely say about Cypress Fairbanks schools is the school spirit for their sports teams is off the charts.
This school has great teachers and staff. The academics is very complex, which was hard at times, however, made me push myself harder and farther than i thought i could.
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