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I liked how excepting the entire Cuyahoga Falls Family is to all teachers, students, and guests that walk through the door. One this I didn't like is the lack of encouragement/praise given in the later years of my career in the Cuyahoga falls city school district.
WE love Cuyahoga Falls Schools! The teachers really care, the students always come first, the district is always thinking of new things to incorporate into our schools!
I loved the teachers, many of them are very understanding with the students and know what they have to go through outside of school as well as inside the school.
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I went to the Cuyahoga Falls High School for all four years. My experience there involved many extracurricular activities and many different classes. There’s a range of clubs and courses the high school offers, and the faculty is all inclusive and supportive. The administration itself is nothing to gawk at; there are wonderful counsellors and vice principals, but of course there are others that are more conservative and strict (unnecessarily so). Some of the newer safety policies that arose in response to the awareness of school shootings across the country seem more restrictive than cautionary. The school itself needs repair, as it requires almost constant maitenance of the structure and or utilities. There’s not a surplus of funding for all of the activities, so a lot of the sports equipment and technology is well-used/worn. I feel as though Cuyahoga Falls High School is, relatively, an average high school.
There are very few things I enjoy about this school, however, I do admit there are a few teachers you will find that truly care for their students.
One thing I love about Cuyahoga Falls City School District is that it allows you to get your hands on many opportunities. At high school, you have the opportunity to earn college credits for free. Cuyahoga Falls High School also offers an post-secondary program that helps shape your future.
Overall the school district was okay. Most of the teachers were helpful and kind, the administration was decent, the cleanliness of the school is something I would like to see change (occasional bugs, bathrooms are not the cleanest)
Cuyahoga Falls City School District has a large student population, encourages outside enrollment and has been focused on replacing buildings rather than maintaining and improving them. An emergency operating levy was just approved but the community is not ready to demolish and start over with buildings. There are very active instrumental music program and sports programs.
Cuyahoga Falls High School is some place where the teachers are great and try to help kids, but if the student does not want to try they fall behind. I feel like CFHS gets a bad rep because so many kids come from Akron or other places and fall behind because they do not care. The sports are just okay, nothing special. I am attending Ohio University and doing well, I took AP classes and enriched, and went out of my way to get involved. I feel like if you can put your mind to something you can do anything.
Being at Cuyahoga Falls High School was a fairly average experience. I got to work with some of the teachers who would push me forward and inspire me to pursue my career but also try new challenges in life, which may have been the best part. Some of those teachers are the most hardworking people I have ever met and I believe they deserve much more than what they have going for them currently. I found a small niche for myself in the Science Olympiad team and Art Club which got me connected to other students and involved in fun activities and challenges. The high school was fairly peppy, hardly diverse, otherwise it was like a high school you’d see portrayed on TV shows. There was a dominant preference for athletics but administration still tried to maintain some standard for academics. Having lock-downs and drills occur often were a normal occurrence. It was a small town high school, so people mostly knew each other one way or another. Overall, it was an ordinary high school.
Cuyahoga Falls High School gives students a lot of different options for core classes. There is CP, Honors and AP. In addition to classes needed to graduate, the school offers a multitude of electives spanning across many different career interests. The list of electives is ever expanding and just about anyone can find enough classes that not only interest them and but challenge them academically. All of the teachers I personally had were great and they all had their own sense of humor. The school is old and not without its problems, but administration makes sure it is at least safe. There is four different lunch lines and plenty of vending machines when it comes to lunch. The bathrooms are hit or miss, I would advise to spend at little time in them as possible. All and all I was satisfied with my education there.
I went to Cuyahoga Falls my whole life, elementary, middle school and then onto the high school. My early years in school were definitely my favorite, the class sizes were small and teachers really great. As a high school student, my classes range from 12-25 students in class. I have had some great teachers who really care about the students. I love the principals and the administrative staff, they are wonderful and really care about students. The school is also apart of the six district career program, which opens a huge door for education pathways. I am a part of a career program and I am so thankful for my teachers at Cuyahoga Falls off encouraging me to do it. One thing I'd like to see change at Cuyahoga Falls is the quality of athletic programs and raising the standards for coaching staff across all sports. Another change I'd like to see is peer relationships and building a closer and bully free student body
I think the teachers and staff are very committed to helping students succeed. They would be better served if we had a new high school and middle school. Hopefully the voters will vote for a new levy.
Overall a decent school with hardworking students, but the administration is outdated and needs to help students more. Parent involvement is extremely high and there are great post-secondary options. Not a great school for sports but an extremely safe school as the police station is right next door.
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