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I moved to this school district in 2011 and I have loved every moment of it. The atmosphere is welcoming, the teachers are loving and caring to every single student, and the staff really reaches out to make sure their students are enjoying their time at Custer School District. From the sports to the academics, and from drama club to hanging out with friends, it has all been an amazing experience. It is sad for me that I am a senior this year and will be graduating soon. That means that my high school career is coming to an end and I will not be able to experience the everyday life of this amazing school district. This school is definitely one in a million.
Custer is awful. They say you’ll always be family when you graduate but as soon as you do they treat you like a stranger. Terrible teachers, I learned nothing In chemistry; not because I didn’t try but the teacher did not know how to teach. Same way with my history class. The only good thing about custer is the band teacher, Spanish teacher, and secretary.
Custer School District is a small and clone knit school. The high school also includes the seventh and eighth graders. The student body is very active and it feels like a second home because everyone is so friendly. The teachers and administrative staff are all wonderful people that just want to help the students and they have made my high school and middle school experience so great. The deserve to have a raise they are all so wonderful.
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Although I enjoy going to school in Custer School District, there are some things that could be changed to make it better. The teachers are spectacular for the most part, but some like to partake in banter with students and it sometimes becomes inappropriate. The lunch staff are very nice, but the food isn't that great. One thing that Custer does very well is safety and concern for all children. The staff and other students treat everyone with respect and overall it is an enjoyable society.
Custer School District is in a very small town so many of the students have the opportunity to be leaders in multiple areas. There is not an individual middle school building so the high school and junior high students often mingle. This is annoying for older students because the junior high kids lack maturity, but the junior high kids often mature more quickly due to the high school leadership. The downfall of this exchange is that junior high students often develop negative high school habits like drug exposure before they equipped to cope along with positive habits. The academic program is very good, but AP and college credit courses are not offered through the school. This was a disappointment. The faculty are hard working and willing to spend extra hours helping students grow individually.
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