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Currituck County Schools is a very safe community for all students, with police on every campus during school hours. Clubs and activities are easy to create and already a variety on campus. Sports are very good and school spirit is always up to par. Resources are always easy to access, and every student fourth grade up has access to a personal Chromebook. Teacher are hard working and are always willing to help.
Better relationships between teacher and students. Teachers to be more involved, administration to care more about students than money.
I would rate Currituck County Schools as excellent, but they could improve in the area regarding exceptional children.
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The class select is terrible, and many teachers are very poor at their job. Some are fantastic, but the turnover rate is ridiculous, resulting in many inexperienced teachers. The management consistently makes questionable decisions and rule enforcement is inconsistent.
Teachers often left or were fired. They were not very available to help students. Not a diverse county.
Many of the schools are unorganized, however the county does have, for the most part, teachers that care for their students and that do everything they can to make sure that their students succeed.
Honestly it's been my first time here. I moved from Dare County School in Manteo. In the school I can feel the heavy racism but that doesn't stop me from pushing myself to be the best in the class. I love the support from certain teachers that I was given in my first semester and the only 2 from my second semester. I wish there was more support in what is the Spanish Department. I've heard that they have had a lot of teachers popping in and out but they haven't had a permanent teacher yet. I believe that they as teachers who enter see the fact there wasn't any respect and it is what I see. I agree with these teachers that all they want is some support to be able to teach the students instead of forcing them to do something that they don't want. some students here do their work while others just wreck the good things that others have worked for. Also the money that the school has should be used to pay for better opportunities instead of a drug dog.
My attendance at Currituck County high-school was the best and worst time of my life. I grew as a person mentally and physically but I only got there by being brought down by not only my classmates but by administration to. Attending this school will give someone a whole new outlook of racism and stereotypes. You will be judged, separated, treated like a child, and held back from your dreams. There are a few good teachers that helped me make it and I will always and forever admire them for it ; however, I still hated the environment I was in. Although this school sucked, I loved it because it allowed me to have thick skin and better prepare myself for crazy people in the world. I taught myself just about everything I learned and college readiness was not one of them. Luckily for me I catch on quickly and I have developed a strong mindset to get things done effectively without the help of others and motivation that most teenagers would like to have had.
A very heart welcoming school. That's how I would describe Currituck County High School. From faculties through students, each and every one of them gives you that feeling of "you're home." Attending Currituck County High School was a big challenge for me. I was new, from Sasebo, Japan and was not fluent enough with English. In fact, students came up to me and welcomed me like I was the new sister of a big family. From that point on, I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be "my home."
I like Currituck County High School because everyone knows everyone. The environment is friendly and welcoming. Something that I would like to see change is the school involvement in sports and clubs because since the school is so small, there are not as many clubs and sports as there are in city schools.
Currituck County Schools create a very community centered environment for students to learn and grow in. The schools are at the center of the community.
Nothing to complain about! Great program, very well run. Only issue is personalization/opportunities. While a very good program, it is a rural area, so certain programs are more built than others, and with less opportunity to participate.
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