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I would like to see a change in the school bathrooms and other things. Our school is currently renovationg the football field, but the bathrooms and classrooms and falling apart.
This small school district has surprised me in the way of academics and teacher quality. All around the learning experienced received by this district was up to par. I would however, like to see a change in the high schools U.S government department. For example, half of the semester we learned about Islam and how it's a peaceful religion. I understand my teacher wanted us to have a different perspective of this religion, but we were in U.S. government; therefore, I expected to be taught U.S. government.
I have spent mant years in the school system, and i have learned many things. While the teachers can be amazing, the drama and problems tends to out weigh the good. The school system can be a great environment for the child not afraid to do their own thing.
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The teachers in each school my kids have attended have been involved and attentive to all of their needs. They have communicated well with us and worked together to help our children through the years. The principals have also been good listeners and have taken care of any situation that has come up. I appreciate everyone who has had their hand in my kids' lives. There are problems in every school system with things that can be improved, but overall, I am very pleased. My older son was well prepared for TTU.
As a student in a Cumberland County District school I have seen somethings that are a good thing for us, the students, but also somethings that do not help build an education or base for moving on in our academic careers. The good improvements include the teachers and staff of Cumberland County schools, they care about the property and the students well being which I believe makes them better at their jobs. But in schools of Cumberland County poor health education is a huge concern, in food and physical education there are major problems that have not been addressed.
I feel that overall the Cumberland County School District is doing well, but there are things that need to change.

There are some great teachers in the school district, but they are few and far between, some seem to simply be there for a paycheck. When I was attending school, my teachers invested in me as a human being, as well as my future. They would strive to see a student go from a slacker at the beginning of the year, to a solid B+ student by years’ end.

As the parent of 2 children that attend this district, I do feel there are issues with the administration. My children require specific needs to do their best. Each of them suffer from problems such as A.D.H.D, O.D.D, and learning disabilities in some fields. The school system is supposed to provide specialized programs for children such as mine, but often it requires us to go to war with the principals of the schools to get these programs followed.
I'm a weird kid, and around here that's not accepted. I'm an actor so to my community I'm by default a homosexual. This is unacceptable to me and a sad reality. And the reason I'm a reject is the very reason I should not be. These people don't accept what they claim I am because they are "Christian". But this is wrong because if anything I should be loved. Because to be Christian is to be Christ like, and to be that you need to love unconditionally no matter who the individual is.
Since it is such a small town, not many students go on to college. The teachers and staff just assume the majority won't and dumbs everything down for them. Nothing is challenging in the schools, the do not prepare you for higher education. Academia is not rewarded, only attendence to keep drop out rates low. The number of pregnant students goes up every years, and there is a lot of violence and drugs in the schools. I cannot emphasize the violence and drugs enough. If you are smart you will breeze through, but when you go to apply for college good luck. There are very few preparatory classes, and the ones that are "AP" are just normal honors to other districts. Colleges see right through the weaknesses of this district and that's is why so many students go to local schools.
So far this year has been great. Moving to a new school has been awesome! The teachers have welcomed me and so have the students! The school has a great environment. Being able to cheer at Cumberland County High School has been a great privilege. Got to cheer on our football team to a win our last game, senior night. The cheer program is amazing. We have the opportunity to cheer at nationals this year.
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