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I liked how close everyone was at Cumberland. Everyone knew each other in some way, so everyone had someone to talk to. The education that I received there was great and I learned a lot while I was there. The teachers always liked to help whenever they can whether it pertained to their class or not.
My experience at Cumberland was pretty good. Things change every new school year so there is always something different. It is a place where everyone knows each other in some way and the faculty are good people.
I've been going to Cumberland my whole life and it a pretty good school everyone is chill and the teachers are pretty cool as well, they are always ready to help and student will help students before asking the teacher's help it seems this school is really a good place although some of our sport teams are not very good
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Cumberland is very diverse, but other than that it doesn’t have much going for it. The administrators don’t talk to students, the community is poor, and most councilors are too busy dealing with freshman fights to actually help the upper class man. Some of the teachers are nice and if their young the education system hasn’t ruined their outlook on life and they still care about the students. Definitely go into DE classes if you can as the teachers usually care in those courses and the students aren’t as annoying.
I enjoyed my years at Cumberland High School. Our school is pretty and we have a lot of school spirit. Our school is also very drama free which is a great thing!!
The faculty gives an ample amount to give students an educational environment and the programs available here benefits students for the future. Student behavior can always be better.
Cumberland is a very small school. The teachers were great but there were not very many cool classes offered. I would lile to see more social science classes offered here. The diversity was terrible in the school systems. I would have liked to see more diversity. I played many sports and, in my opinion, none of them except wrestling did much to help improve the student athletes. The food was absolutely terrible and ledt me still hungry if I didn't get extras or ask friends for food. My experience at this school was not very challenging and I feel they should try to focus more on challenging students and preparing them for college educationally.
Cumberland is steadily increasing their career programs. The teachers their work with you to do your best.
While Cumberland County Public Schools offers more academic opportunities than surrounding schools, I believe this school could do much better regarding both education and other things. This school offers limited opportunities as far as clubs/organizations, leaving many to feel out of place and not a part of the close-knit community a school in a small town has the potential to be. The strictness input by the faculty and administration (nothing against them personally, they are all amazing people) forces some kids to hate school and turns them away from learning at an early age. While the majority of the teachers are kind and helpful, the school system as a whole could be doing a lot better.
It’s a pretty good school with many academic opportunities. It has flaws with the new administration coming in, but it still runs smoothly. The food is better than most schools. However, there is still some room for improvement.
It is a very nice school to go to with good facilities and great teachers that want to make sure the students succeed. I would like the school food to change because it is of low quality and it affects the students energy.
Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this school system to my worst enemy. The students here are awful, and the faculty bases your punishments and how they talk to you by how well they know your parents, no matter the cause. While attending this school, I got a referral for something a boy said to me and about me, it was rather nasty, and just awful, but I ended up with a referral because the school didn't know my parents and they knew his mom. Also, if you're black, you can wear and do whatever you please here, as for those of us who are white, good luck to you.
Cumberland County Schools is a great place. The teachers, administration, Para pris all care for each and every student that we have.
It a very close school.. students and staff know each other well. Teachers go above and beyond for students. Recently a family attended the school experience a ordeal and the school supported them completely and that's inspirational. Most schools don't have that kind of relationship with students' family and a desire to help.
I love Cumberland County Public Schools because it is located a in a quiet place and the teachers, staff, and administrators are the best teachers ever and in the near future when I graduate in May of 2017, I hope that Cumberland County Public Schools change the available sources of food and upgrades in technological advances.
I have gone to Cumberland since I was a child. I enjoyed my time at the school, but I did not feel prepared as a college student. I learned a lot from the classes, but I did not understand any of the financial stuff to do with school and I was unable prepare myself for the academic classes that I was required to take.
I love how the teachers and staff show an actual passion to help students graduate. I moved the summer before my senior year, and I wasn't sure if i'd like the school or not. I am very pleased to say they welcomed me with warm arms, and this is honestly the best school year I've had since starting school. They offer a wide range of classes to fit my taste, and they always have staff on hand to help if there's any sort of problem. They will push and encourage any student as if they were their own child. They have helped me through my college application process and FASFA. Overall, Cumberland is a wonderful high school. If i could change anything, it would be that I attended sooner than I did.
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I would like to see better opportunities, and easier access to scholarships instead of going through a lot to find a scholarship.
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