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Culpeper County Public Schools Reviews

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The staff is very willing to help the students with their needs. The only thing I wish were different would be a greater availibility of advanced classes, but the ones that are offered are taught very well.
Culpeper was kind of weird the twelve years I had to go there. Somedays it would snow a little and we wouldn't have school but when it would flood, we had school. They also messed up our summer breaks by cutting it short and making us go to school longer.
If you have the choice, send your child to Easternview ! Culpeper is not a school for diversity and students that want to flourish in the world.
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Schools do not prepare past graduation. Students must take initiative themselves. The workload is very light and easy. Never felt that I was challenged at any point.
Culpeper county schools are Avery nice strand of schools. They are kept very clean and tighty. Yet on the other hand Culpeper schools are not very accepting of certain disorders. For example anxiety disorders are not broadly excepted by all the teachers. They are not all educated so they are very ignorant about it. However the teacher are otherwise very nice, everybody is very pleasant to be around. The administration is very kind an caring they truly do look out for us.
Teachers and administrators are helpful and easy to work with. They seem to really care about students and want what is best for them.
Culpeper County schools have provided me with the opportunities and tools I will need to be successful in my college career. The teachers I had challenged me and set high expectations for all my classes. This allowed me to see my potential. The extra curricular activities also allowed me to learn how to manage my time in order to meet expectations.
I've made many great friends here, and there are a few amazing teachers! However, there is a suffocating atmosphere, fights everyday, and terrible food. And some horrible teachers. Of course.
Culpeper County Schools were a great place to get me ready for college. Eastern View High School was definitely the best place for me both academically and athletically.
I have attended Culpeper County High School for the past four years. I have had good experiences and some few rough ones. Overall I am thankful that my high school gave me so many amazing opportunities. The field hockey program has gifted me a family of teammates and wonderful coaches. The music and theatre programs have made the arts a permanent part of my life, especially A Capella. The teachers have also made my experience memorable by caring about my education and future success. Culpeper County High School was a delightful home the past few years.
While I did enjoy going through this public school system, there could have been many improvements, like with the focus of education on the SOL tests rather than encompassing everything there is to the course. Also, the teachers were rather distant for the most part, and I found the teachers who had been there for a number of years provided the best education, rather than the newer teachers, who are teaching as they were rather than as the older teachers were.
It's an okay school system. Some of the faculty and staff are phenomenal, but many are average. Being a smaller school system, we lack some of the resources that other schools with more money have.
The Culpeper school system has awesome school spirit and support of the athletes, as well as, the academic program. This year I am a senior and the resources that our schools offer are AWESOME. Many different colleges come to our school so we can review them and have our questions answered without traveling. This is a true benefit not only to the students, but also our parents do not feel the pressures of visiting many different colleges to help select our fit. The Family Connections website is a true value to help keep me inline with my college and scholarship goals. I appreciate the time that was put in to make sure we have a smooth transition from high school to college.
They are not good when it comes to giving you all the options you have for the future. The food their is ridiculous. Largest problem is sex ed is a complete joke. They do not teach students what they need to know to protect themselves and instead teach abstinence which of course does not work. Teens are going to have sex so teach them how to protect themselves and give them all the proper knowledge they need to know on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I hate to say it but because this school is in the south I feel like they just want to stick with old ways that don't work and that is why sex education is bad there, but having having proper sex ed can save lives and it need to be taken more seriously.
I like the academics in culpeper county schools, they really get you ready for college or what you plan to do after high school. Also the faculty staff is so very friendly and nice and make the school feel like a home out of a home . I feel really accepted here and I fit right in and have had a great time at culpeper county high school the three years I've been here . The only thing I think that needs improvement is the diversity, would be nice to meet more students with different backgrounds.
I liked the overall feeling of the community and the commitment from teachers to their students. At Culpeper county schools, I found that teachers often gave student plenty of time to complete their work and always offered to help any student that need it. Also, at culpeper county schools, they had plenty of programs and events to help get each student ready for the big jump to college so that everyone would be prepared.
I truly felt like the teachers and administrators in this school system cared about my success as a student. The only downfall would be that I wish we had more course options.
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The county has a gist of what they want for the children, but we do not have the money nor the supplies to get everything accomplished. Too many of are schools are centered around fundraising for the sports teams instead of trying to hire the best teachers for their classrooms, also the amount of money spent on new technology is outrageous. All of the new laptops and chrome books have become toys and distractions instead of resources for school work.
Culpeper is underfunded and a bit of a cess pool, but it's alright. Some teachers try, but many just leave to counties that pay more.
The county has great staff and I have come into contact with some amazing instructors that have greatly improved my education. Most of the schools have gone through renovations recently, leaving them much more appealing and an area you wouldn't mind sending your kid to get an education. Culpeper County Public Schools are safe and will fully incorporate kids to reach their maximum potential. The only negative would be the school food. I have stopped eating in the cafeteria because I can no longer take eating that mess. Most of the food is tasteless and far from a good meal.
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