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Cullman High SChool offers a great education. Within Cullman High, there are several learning opportunities that provide skills needed both inside and outside of the classroom. I have this particular rating because I feel that though Cullman High thrives in academics, the atmosphere is not suitable for some people. I also feel that there is a lot of influence about being yourself, but with the dress code the school has this is extremely difficult.
I liked the variety of extracurricular activities to be involved in. I also enjoyed the quality education.
Cullman City Schools is a wonderful school district. The administration and teachers all care about the students and their success, both inside and outside the classroom.
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I loved the staff at Cullman High School, they truly helped change my life and made me feel important and taken care of, but the reason I decided to not give Cullman High School 5 stars is because the students of the school leave something to be desired. Their is no diversity among the students and the mindset of the student body is very closed-minded.
What I liked about the school was the overall environment. What I would change would be more opportunities to get some classes you really want and better internet.
Cullman High School is a great place to receive an education and be yourself.The school offers many choices of study and activities every student can enjoy.I myself have not only done well at my studies,but have excelled at soccer and FFA.
Cullman city schools are always looking for ways to be better than they were the year before, and always trying to prepare kids for college with how they teach and with certain assignments. The only things that I would like to see change is a bigger parking lot and a new baseball field to add on to our $27 million school
Love the high school!! My daughter has just started there and loves it. Elementary schools are not my favorite but much better in the middle and high schools.
Cullman City Schools is run much like a monopoly, meaning they have no competition so they can do whatever they want with minimal lash-back from the community around them. The quality of education is extremely high in the school system. However, the quality of the buildings is sub-par. The brand new high school has presented many problems (cracked floors, technology problems, etc.) that should be consistent with a $26 million dollar project. The school system has poured all of its money into the "betterment" of the high school. The other schools in the system have been left in shambles and there are no funds to improve them. Kids come home sick from West Elementary because of mold and mildew. The middle school is falling to pieces. The Cullman City Schools system is irresponsible with its money. Its officials believe "bigger is better" but they go "bigger" at the cheapest cost they can, simultaneously sacrificing the safety of their students.
Cullman High School is a wonderful environment for growing and learning. The faculty and staff are completely focused on the students and do everything in their power to provide each student with opportunities needed to see students excel in high school and through their further education.
Cullman High School has wonderful teachers and many activities to involve students. The counselors are great at keeping up with students and helping with college information and keeping everyone up to date. The facility is wonderful and has a lot of useful resources. The environment is friendly and welcoming and I am very proud to be attending Cullman High School.
I have gone to Cullman ever since I started at the Cullman City Primary School when I was 5. I have honestly loved every minute of it. Granted, when I got to high school, there were some bumps along the way, but don't all high school students have some? Regardless of the struggles I have faced, the friends that I have grown up with and the amazing teachers that have helped me along the way have easily made up for those minor bumps. I love Cullman and always will. Go Bearcats!
Cullman City Schools offers multiple sports and numerous extra curricular activities for high school students to participate in and enjoy. The curriculum is rigorous which prepares students for college course work. I would like to see system wide discipline where it is fair and equal to all students.
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