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Croton-Harmon Union Free School District Reviews

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There were definitely downsides to Croton, but I believe we had a reliable education. There was strong grade unity.
Croton is a small school, which allows students to have a lot of face time with teachers. They also encourage students to be active in the community through volunteer work. The offer a fair amount of AP classes for such a small school, and now even have a lunch program for disadvantaged students. The school's "helping period" portion at the end of the day allows students to easily and casually ask for help.
Teachers were awesome! Learned a lot, and the teachers were passionate and knew their stuff. Did not focus too much on arts, budget leaned to support sports, which is a shame because Croton is known for producing actors and artists.
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The Croton-Harmon School District is a well-meaning, relatively good school district. Most teachers are well trained and intelligent and the administration is relatively quick when dealing with issues.
My overall experience with the CHUFSD has been a great one. Academically wise, I've grown tremendously as a student in all areas of study. Being a senior, I have noticed some discrepancies in the system. For me, I am not math and science orientated, I prefer humanities. For someone like me, I felt the humanities departments were good, but not as good or as cared about as math and science classes. This was frustrating for me because I feel whatever your strong suit academically is, you should be able to pursue it with equal opportunity. In terms of non academics, the one setback of the district is that there is no lunch program. I feel this is very important because not everyone can afford to buy a lunch in town or even make one at home themselves. It is the school's responsibility to care for its students. All in all, I enjoyed my experience in the district.
Great school system. Good kids. No food offered. Open Campus. Could have more school spirit. Decent sports teams. Smart students. No bullying. Caring Teachers
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