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My experience at Crossett High School wasn't pleasant by any means, but it wasn't all bad. Crossett High School is a small town high school. We live off Friday Night Lights and Fiesta Linda's Mexican Restaurant. I like that everyone knows each other at Crossett High School. CHS is described close-knit school. However, I didn't like that it was like a zoo at my school; laid back is not a word to describe CHS. Nowadays students are out of control. I believe for our schools now, that we should have a class for teachers. This class should teach them how to deal with kids that are out of control. Thank you!
I am a senior at Crossestt High School and i can honestly say it is an excellent school. They teachers are nice if you do what you're supposed to and expect the very best out of you. They will help you reach your goals.
The schools are small enough all the kids know each other. Does not prepare well enough for college.
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To be blatant, it hasn't been the best. I've been going here all my life, and ive been bullied non stop. The teachers don't really teach you anything, atleast not important things that you will use in the average day-to-day life style. The dress code is horrendous! And the most of the school staff are terribly biased. Over all, i don't reccomend sending your kids here.
All throughout my high school years, it was OK. Some of the teachers don't communicate with all students, they usually have favorites. When I attended Crossett High School, I had a few teachers who really cared about us. The year I graduated it was my most worst year. My math teacher never made time for my schedule to help me with my work, but she always had time for her favorite students. Overall it is a good school but, it most definitely has its ups and downs.
Crossett School District has great teachers and friendly office staff. They are always willing to help with educational needs. The only change I'd like to see is already in the process. A new high school is in the near future.
What I like most about my school is that that they do the best they can to help you succeed. The teachers are amazing. They teach very well and are willing to help you outside of class, not just with schoolwork, but with anything else that is going on in your life. We have lots of clubs that do community service and there is always an event going on in the area, so you're never bored! The one thing I would change is we do more things as a school. We need to learn that we can lean on each other and give a helping hand!
My experience at Crossett High School has been amazing. The teachers are always finding ways to help students stay on track and to keep their grades up. The Staff of CHS is very helpful also. For example, if a new student is lost and he or she don't know where to go, the staff happily directs them to their destination.
Best high school in Ashley County, but also has a couple of flaws to work out. Has a couple of teachers actually there to help you succeed, but there are some you would have a problem with.
Crossett school district is a bias, sometimes hard, but overall caring district. I faced many challenges in school learning how to mature into an adult. There isnt much opportunities here in school and I dont fit in. Sometimes its hard because not every teacher cares if you pass or fail. This school doesnt help you prepare for your future job so when you leave school you settle for less and you are lost. Sometimes its about who you know instead of what you know and are willing to learn. it helped me learn that in the real world there is no excuses and if you truly want success you have to go get it. No one will make you .This school has taught me to be humble and respectful as an adult . I would love to see opportunities for people who enjoy studying other things besides medical field because thats all crossett high school truly offers. I feel that there should be more teachers who care about us passing intead of trying to move on to the next unit.
School was amazing. Faculty really cares for students, and their well being. Teachers want students to be successful. Great ambiance
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