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I really enjoyed going to Crosby ISD. I just wish there was a chess club and other athletic activities like volleyball. For the students like myself who are not very great at sports. And would like to find other things to do to stay busy. Even bringing back a after school program would be great. While allowing some of the students to help out with some of the younger kids. Which may even help encourage some of these student to maybe take up being teachers when they get ready to graduate go to college . While at the same time keeping them out of trouble. Letting them be roll models for the younger generation.
Great school to attend. I have learned a lot from here. They are so friendly and respectful and they have a good football team. Lots of support.
I liked how they really enforced the rules on campus making it feel really safe. I liked how most teachers cared for their students and how most students cared for their education.I would have to change the dress code at Crosby because it just came of as really sexist.
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I would like to see a more involved school and disctrict where it comes to the fine art, more specifically the art student they don't typically get the support or appreciation other students get. Other than that I believe the school and district are okay.
Crosby High School is an average school. The set up of the school is nicely done and well set up but the staff is a mixture of people who do and don’t care about their job. A couple of teachers work hard on their curriculum and others simply go to waste time because they put no effort.
I had a great experience in Crosby Independent School District, because we have great academics and many great teachers. I could tell others many reasons why to go to Crosby school because the people around you are all great and leading up to your senior year each and every teacher will make sure you are college ready. While going to Crosby I have noticed one thing that is taken very important is our safety, I am very thankful for due to everything that has happened of late. I have went to Crosby my entire school life and have enjoyed every second of it, and I would recommend it for others too.
I have loved my experience in Crosby. I attended Crosby all but 1 year of my K-12 School years. I would recommend Crosby to prospective families.
I love my school, but there's room for improvement. We just got a new high school, but the thing is, it's not completed yet. There's construction and issues going on all the time, and I'd like to see that done.
Crosby High school is a very family oriented school, everyone that goes to Crosby is like family because the town is small and we. all know each other . Our teachers are by far the best they could give us . Crosby High teachers go out their way to really make sure that we understand and comprehend everything that we are thought on a day to day basis. If there is one thing that I would like Crosby to change is the way they dress trades with the students I feel as students we deserve to have more than just one tardy because usually our classes are far away from each other or that our lunch would be little longer but other than that Crosby is doing an amazing job everything about it is prefect and I love it there honestly I wouldn't trade it for the world
Very interacted with students. Also very protective. My sister loves it, but is often over loaded with homework. However, I understand she needs to be prepared for high school.
Compared to plenty other schools that surround Crosby is literally the best option. There are so many organizations and opportunities for students to find their passions. The food is not so hot but they try to give us the resources we need to be successful like every student receives a macbook and such.
I have gone to CISD my entire life. I have always loved Crosby and the people that attend the schools here. The faculty really aim for college readiness and also focus on preparing students for the work force.
My experience in the Crosby Independent School District has been great. The teachers here are involved and will do anything they need to help you understand and succeed in the classes. They care about the well-being of their students. When I was in the hospital after my surgery my parents got emails and phone calls from my teachers checking up on me. The counselors and teachers both do their very best to make sure that every student is ready for college. The administration is absolutely amazing, they care about what would benefit the students the most.
School is invested in students and their success, shown by the progressive tools offered to their students. School spirit is widely embraced, which creates and even friendlier environment for the students.
Crosby Independent School District is a community that feels like home. The community is very close and it is a family environment wherever you go. All school activities are supported by the community, and the school district is well known for constant support for every club, subject, and athletic group. As student body vice president, I am extremely proud to say I am from the small town that is Crosby.
I have been a student here since kindergarten and wouldn't trade my experiences and friendships for anything. I feel prepared to take on life after graduation. My professors truly care about my future. I think teachers in this district care about their students long after graduation.
My experience as a middle schooler do far has been amazing! The teachers here are really involved in our social lives and are very easy to talk to.This school district has mostly been a learning experience for me they discipline and build character and make us ready for the real world.I love the Crosby school district very much and have my utmost respect for every staff member there
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At Crosby Independent School District they are very concerned with the happiness and well-being of their staff and students. The school board is always willing to help its students and family in times of hardships and struggles. However, not only is Crosby Independent School District care about others in Crosby, they are willing to go out of their way to help other school districts in the area. By offering to supply donations or even offering to come out and help, Crosby is proud to serve and help others. Crosby Independent School District prides themselves on their love and charity towards the community and others in surrounding areas.
I recently graduated from CHS proud and honored. I must say my senior year was nothing like the others do to the new ways of their online teaching, it made it harder to learn but the macbooks that were given did come in handy throughout the year!
Although I only attended for the second semester of my senior year, Crosby ISD welcomed me with open arms into their close-knit and family-oriented community.
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