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Crooked Oak Public Schools Reviews

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It was the best four years I had the school was small but you got to know everyone. I would not change anything it is a small school and it is perfect for anyone who does not like being in a crowd.
My experience at Crooked Oak has been decent. The football tries their hardest during every game in the season. The soccer team has made it to a couple of state championships in the past 5 years, and made to the semi-finals 2 years ago.
Crooked Oak is a school full of loving and supportive classmates. The environment is amazing you feel like you are home and can find comfort pretty much anywhere in the institution . The school is very diverse and it is a very small school but I personally enjoy the small classes. Small classes mean teacher to student interaction. Crooked oak has wonderful teachers that are always pushing students to do above and beyond.
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I’ve been attending this school district since I was in kindergarten. Growing up is this small district, I’ve grown into a family. I am now a high school junior, and while attending this school I’ve learned a lot about myself. Especially about leadership. I think this school has been improving greatly over the years. This district still has a lot more to go though. I think the best program in this school is their JROTC. Also, their elementary school is awesome. Overall, I feel like the entire district is a great place to go learn. Especially since the high school is small which makes everything better.
I have been attending Crooked Oak since I was in first grade. Overall, I thought it was a average school. As I grew up, they could’ve done many things way better. We lose many teachers yearly and the overall school academics is pretty horrible in my opinion. I felt like I could get many more resources and help from a different school. The way they handle things and the way teachers teach there is just bad. They’re some great teachers there but overall it’s a average school.
Teachers dont listen, kids are crazy. Everyones loud and you can't concentrate! Horrible school. I always got F's
All around it’s a decent school that doesn’t have the best teachers or resources but have a great diverse student body.
It is a school where everyone is like family. It was a great school to be apart of. Small and close.
Its a very divers school, most of the kids are kind and respectful to everyone. Many of the students know each other over 12 years because they have been going to this school since they were in Pre-K. It feels like being with a big family, everyone is welcoming and always ready to help. Most of teachers work their butts off to give the best education to every students. They are very understanding and willing to help.
The School over all is a very pleasant place. From a very creative staff to a diverse community. The spirits of the "rufnex" is very strong among the crowd of the students.
My experience in this school was by far the best thing that ever could of happened to me. I admire so many things about this school from the classes to the people. It is really a pleasure to have graduated from this school and know everyone there as if they where your own family. If I had to change things if would be with the higher administrators and principles not being more involved and relaxed with the parents and student. Over all though this school has made me prepared for my future and it is a big part of my life and it always will be.
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