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Just recently I moved to Crook County from California. For the first time in my life im enjoying school. The teachers are always willing to help me when I fall behind. The people are amazing, and it was easy for me to make friends. I always feel welcome. Although, the school is a little one-sided. I get told mentally every day that the only way to be successful is to go to college. I would like there to be more options for me.
I would like to see a better arts department and better grade school teachers and staff at the Crook County Elementary School. So many parents enroll thier children in Barnes Butte after one month at Crook County Elementary. It's staff and curriculum leaves much to be desired and I hope to see it improve.
I like that I can get myself involved with other students by my own resources, but it would be nice to have more clubs and activities through the school. I would also like to see the music and arts program improve with better teachers and more resources. Overall, the teaching at the high school is average, but I feel that we do not have enough upper level classes.
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I like the small class sizes unlike a huge university where i'd just be a number. I like that C.O.C.C is located in a small town where I was able to walk to class instead of driving an hour to school. It was neat that while I was going to school there on multiple occasions there were free snacks available and I also liked how the computer lab window was artistically painted. Furthermore, I liked the hours that the school was open and that if I needed to work on a computer in the computer lab while a class was in session the instructors were friendly to let me sit in the corner of the room to finish up an assignment or print off a document.
Crook County has a good school district. In both middle school and high school, chromes are available for students to use for school work, making assignments, scholarships, and other work easier. I have liked all the teachers I have, and I personally think there is a good relationship between most of the staff and students. Our high school has a good variety of sports and a few clubs, but I would like to see other activities be recognized more in school, instead of just a few sports being recognized. I would also like to see more clubs in the school, although I do recognize having more clubs requires interest from students, which can be hard to obtain.
My experience with Crook County High School has been a good one. They have a decent advanced placement program with rigorous courses that can mostly be transferred over to many colleges. They also have good athletic teams, and help their students prepare for college.
They do not take care of bullying. Kids are even bullied by the teachers. The food is horrible and healthier options are not available. My son's 3rd grade teacher told them she was waiting for her dogs to die so she could retire. She always forgot to go get them at the end of recess. She told one kid he was going to be worthless when he gets older. Admin never did anything.
I love the way some of the teachers pay close attention and take the time to get to know their kids on a personal level. I don't like the lack of discipline on kids in sports, however.
I went through 9 years of schooling in Crook County and I truly feel like they let me down. There is really no diversity in classes. In the high school there is a beautiful art room that is never used because there is no art classes. The programs offered are out of date. There were a few teachers that I absolutely adored. and they made Crook County High school a little bit better but for the most part I truly feel let down.
It was a nice place to learn. I made a lot of life changing experiences there, and was involved in a lot of IB courses, which allowed me to make a lot of new friends and further my education.
I have been attending schools in the Crook County School District my entire life. I love living in Crook County and have been able to take challenging courses to prepare me fore college.
I believe this school is great if you are looking for an education, no specifics about it. Nothing stands out at all. There are no clubs, and clubs or after school activities like the arts are underfunded and underappreciated. The only thing that does matter are sports and only specific sports for that matter.
I love Crook County, it will always be home to me. Although, there are certain teachers that should not be aloud to work at Crook County School District. For example, Mr. Churchill-Dicks always uses vulgar language and he does not know how to control himself in formal situations. He is extremely fake when it comes to being peer-reviewed by his colleagues and I truly felt as if I did not learn much in his class. He grades everything with a 95% if he likes you. Most teachers are very responsible and wonderful on the other hand, but he was one that stuck out to me and should not be representing the Crook County School district. Mrs. Duncan and the career class required for graduation were fantastic and extremely helpful when preparing me for college. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and am forever thankful for it.
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