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Crete Monee Community Unit School District No. 201-U Reviews

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Crete Monee School District is a great district. Son has been in District since 3 rd grade. I love how the school keeps you inform with the letters and calls. Now I receive email or text with messages they have sent. Can review my child progress on the computer. The staff is always bubble and pleasant when I come. The school is always clean.
My experience in this district was a mess. The lunch was terrible, the administration was terrible, and a lot of the teachers weren’t teaching what they should be teaching. They focus more on football and basketball rather than helping student prepare for college and pass their classes.
Crete monee high school was a okay educational school. It was a okay time but they did not care enough for education more cared about athletics and look. The teachers were 50/50 okay and the counselors were not much help with the whole college experience.
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I had a great experience at Crete. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I played football, was a member of Show Choir and Student Government. I also did a lot of volunteer work helping my under classmates.
I would like to see more college readiness tools and more activities for students. There were not many career oriented clubs available
Crete monee is a good school district. I rarely have any problems here. We have good sports teams, and a great marching band. Crete monee is just full of good school spirit. You really develop a bond with our teachers.
I am a recent graduate from Crete Monee High School, and I enjoyed all 4 years at the school. Great high school experience and great opportunities available.
At Crete Monee High School it’s very diverse which is perfect because there’s no discrimination. The teachers are extremely cool and willing to help you if they feel it’s beneficial to you in the future. Especially preparing for college there’s always someone to help you with applications or your financial aid application. The students are very open to trying new things sports wise. You’ll always see someone trying to join a sport or club. The football team gets a lot of recognition, often times go undefeated. I personally joined the girls track team and loved it. Practice was hard but what practice isn’t. It was the meets that was the best part. We traveled many places and won so many awards. But over the years I would like to see more than just football and basketball being heard about on announcements. Other sports should get more recognition for their hard work. I would also like to see their test scores as a whole to keep rising and to never let them drop.
I loved the school it self it was a nice facility but, it was lacking chracter as many times tests were more important than actual classwork. We would dismiss coursework our sophmore year just to prep for the ACT which i found to be very folly. I believe actual college level work would have benefited us more to understand the importance of highschool rather than constant practice ACT tests.
I enjoy attending Crete-Monee High School. I have attended Crete all 4 years. I have been an activate student during my time in high school. Most of the teachers at Crete are very helpful and they take time to assist me when needed. However, the students can be unmotivated and not interested in their help. Many of the students appear not to take school as serious as they should. I believe that I am being prepared for college academically but know that there are some things that I will learn through experiences once at college. At Crete, I have gained confidence, independence and strength. This is because high school or my peers can challenge you but you have to remain strong.
I have had the best experience with my district. The programs that are offered are wonderful. I am involved with the aftercare program for the elementary aged kids because I myself use to be a part of the program.
Overall, the Crete Monee School district is fairly decent. However, there needs to be better administration, security, and updated buildings. Some of the buildings are outdated and infested with various things.
Crete Monee isn’t a bad School as to how it’s portrayed. I really enjoyed my time here. I’ve been going to this school for four years now and i believe that this School doesn’t give you enough class options but the classes are average. Overall it’s a pretty good School to an extent.
I have had a great experience at Crete. I have made great friends and had some great teachers. My learning ability has grown and my strength’s have gotten stronger. I would like to see change in the behavioral issues at the high school. And the residency in the district
I would not recomment Crete Monee High School. The upper level students were treated above and beyond for doing what they were supposed to do while the students slacking and not attentive were treated as normal. Expectations were lowered tremendously for this school.
Crete Monee is what you make of it. If you are in the high classes and take AP you will have a great experience at Crete Monee. Personally all of my teachers cared for me a lot and would provide assistance and support whenever needed. So my experience at Crete monee was very good.
There needs to be more activities for students to enjoy, not in the sense of clubs or sports, but like assemblies and dances to make school more enjoyable. Teachers need to leave their personal biases and beliefs at home so no student feels excluded or uncomfortable. Many teachers teach to get paid and not to enlighten students, and show no passion for their craft. There needs to be more attention allocated to sports not related to football as these are often times neglected. The school is safe, at no time do I feel like I am in danger. The lunches need to be improved.
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My experience thus far at Crete Monee has been pretty well. I love my peers and some of my teachers who actually put forth an effort to make sure they're students understand and use learned material. I would like to see more fun activities that involve all school faculty so that students will be more like family, and administration shouldn't be adults that we are scared to go to about things but it should be as if we are going up to our mentors or friend.
The classes are challenging. The school has wonderful teachers. The technology at the school could be better. The school needs to hire new security.
The Crete Monee School District is not one of the greatest. After attending K-12 in this district, I would contend to this not because of the staff, but on behalf of the students in attendance. There is a lot of ignorance and intolerance towards other students. The Staff does a fantastic job teaching, but with constant disruptions in class, there is not much a teacher can do. In addition, the administration is horrific. They do not care about the students’ wellbeing and act on their own interests which saddens me. School should be about educating the future leaders of this nation, not about your own gain.
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