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Crestwood was a great school when I attended. The teachers cared about what the students were learning.
The Crestwood School District is overall a good place to grow up in and they are helpful in preparing you for your future. Also growing up and playing sports at the school teaches you a lot of good life lessons that with be helpful while growing up.
I love my school. Everyone for the most part is really nice. The only change I would want is for there to be more inclusiveness and less clicks formed. Also less drama and for teachers to actually do something about it.
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Crestwood is a decent school when compared to other schools, but has a fair amount of problems. There have been issues with the administration for the past few years. But, overall the school is safe and many of the teachers will help students when needed.
I love the teachers at Crestwood, however not enough goes into the resources used in classrooms by the teachers. Most of the equipment and books are old and in need of upgrades.
This school is insanely wack, most teachers can’t teach and I had to teach myself literally everything. There are a few hidden gems here and there, especially in the English department...however unfortunately they are few and far in between. To be frank, this school district cares more about athletics than education. If you want your son to be a meathead who plays on a glorified yet talentless football team, this is the school for you.
I liked how involved the teachers are in your learning. They take time out of their day to make sure that you are understanding the lesson.
Crestwood high school did not really prepare me for college. The classes offered were very average and I was not encouraged to participate in any advanced classes or explore options for my future. Extracurriculars that I enjoyed and some of the teachers were great.
I did not like Crestwood at all. Most of the male students were radical republicans who would bully the minorities. Crestwood was willing to cut multiple teacher's so they could spend thousands of dollars on a rock and a field house. I am a vo-tech student, and Crestwood does not care much for any students that aren't attending the school all day. We are often left out of the loop& pushed under the rug. We almost did not have enough credits to graduate due to crestwood's scheduling error. Unless you come from money, I would think twice before sending my child here.
They communicated to everyone, students, parents and teachers, at a very high level. Important communications were almost instantaneous.
Crestwood had personality. The teachers were all special in their own way. Everyone was supportive of one another. If a student seemed to have an off day, others ensured that by the end of the day, they had smiled at least once. Out of class help was easily accessible. My only complaint would be the AP courses. I believe Crestwood students would excel if more AP courses were offered to the students.
Crestwood High School really made me feel at home! I was always welcomed to class with smiles and greetings from each teacher I had! I learned everything I could and appreciate the time my teachers took to individually help me. It was nice seeing administrators saying hello or how are you while walking in the hallways. I never felt scared or unwelcome when I needed to talk to a guidance counselor. They all helped me through tough educational decisions. Crestwood High School has helped me to build long lasting skills that I will be taking to college and I could not be any more grateful for that!
When I just moved into the country, and I really felt that I was not going to be okay. The only thing that troubles my mind is that “I hope that there aren’t any bullies in school.” My first day in school was excellent. The guidance team were welcoming and they made me feel comfortable. My guidance councilor helped and guided me. Thanks to her, I made the right decisions throughout high school. The students and the staff were amazing. The teachers were always there to help you. The teachers that I had, were very friendly. They made us feel very comfortable and made the learning experiences something that we can cherish. The thing that I would like to change in the school district would be to have more courses. The time that I was there, not many courses were offered. Hopefully they add new courses for the new generations.
We have two children in the district. My experience is that many teachers are excellent. Administration particularly the superintendent and school board are made up of generations of locals. So you get old school responses and very few innovative approaches to anything. There is both overt and subtle racism in the community. The subtle stuff happens over social media. It’s the stuff parents don’t see but may hear about. The overt happens during sports and it’s overlooked and ignored by coaches. Very few minorities reside in the area and those that do either attend private school or tend to move out. It’s sad.
The school was a nice and safe school. The teachers were hit or miss. The diversity is the main problem I had with the school. The school is predominantly white and it just made me feel out of place sometimes. Otherwise, the guidance office is really good and helpful with prepping for college plans and sending transcripts and will help always when needed. The food was a hit or miss, but that’s the case with many high schools so I can’t complain. There are also many great opportunities with clubs and school activities. Over all, I had a good high school experience, but the only thing I would change is the lack of diversity.
Crestwood was an overall decent high school in terms of education, class options, and student population size, but the school lacked diversity.
I went to Crestwood from the last few months of my seventh grade year up to graduating from high school. Throughout my experience there I met many people that I will always have in my life. The teachers I got the honor of getting to know were incredibly kind and always helpful. I was heavily involved in the drama and music department and it made me realize my passion for music.
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I give my high school an average rating because there are some issues with the school. One issue that has always been an issue is the values. Lately the school administration has seemed to be no caring about there students, and more about what makes them look good. The education would be so much better if the administration would actually care about it.
The Crestwood school district is either first or second in academics within the county. It provides students with the best education and provides them with a headstart in the college environment. They offer plenty of extracurricular activities along with many advanced classes.
To be completely honest, my experience with Crestwood was completely sub-average. For me, being extremely invested in the arts, I had a hard time fitting in to the school atmosphere and embracing my passion for music. The school is very invested into its mediocre sports, while the arts programs and educational curriculum fall in the shadows of the athletics. It’s a stereotypical school where the exclusive jocks and popular girls thrive, while everyone else revolves around them. It’s a small school as well: only around 220 in the graduating class.
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