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The bathrooms look like they’ve been abandoned for decades; kids “Juul” in them between classes and during lunch, which gave it the name “The Juul Room”
Crestwood High School has an excellent science and math department. All the AP teachers in that department prepare all their students well for their AP exams. However, Crestwood is fairly weak in its social studies and English department. Many students often don't perform well on AP exams compared to how well they performed in the class.
The teachers were great and they cared about the students. Lots of sports and after school activities. Counselors were very pushy and they almost forced you into certain classes and then colleges. Wish there were more practical classes that could teach skills that are needed in the future.
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Crestwood high is an okay school. Youll fit in and the teachers are sweet.
Crestwood is a large school. There are so many races which is a good thing.
The staff members at Crestwood have always been spectacular, but not all of the students are the nicest. Besides the students not understanding the concept of keeping things clean, I think the only changes I would ask for would be for them to work on the kindness levels of their students and for them to put an ounce more of effort on the mental health of their students. I am not saying they do not care about the mental health of their students though.
Having gone to many other schools in my life, Crestwood is the best by far. Not only are most of the students kind, so are the teachers! At Crestwood, I feel so welcomed and cared for. The classes are also not too difficult, but still challenging.
We are legally overcrowded even though many sports are dying because incoming freshman aren’t exposed to enough sports, besides volleyball, basketball, and football. Many of the students destroy the halls, class rooms, and bathrooms to the point where a lot of people go home to use the restroom and then come back
Crestwood High school is not only a school but a home, a home for those who seek to find their place and who they are. Crestwood High school's educators are there to not only teach but to guide students in the right path, helping them find their academic interest and what classes they can take that can help the expand on their interests as students. The amount of classes and electives as well as sports and after school clubs that Crestwood has to offer really does demonstrate their dedication is making sure each student is happy, and are finding their interests as well as desired future with the classes in which Crestwood has to offer.
I liked how Crestwood has many sports students can participate in and be able to feel like a family on a team. Also every time I’m in Crestwood I feel safe because I don’t see fights or shootings in Crestwood as to unfortunately the other schools around the world. They try to better their school every year by building new pools for the swimming team and new seats for the drama club. Also the improved by adding more cameras inside the school and making sure it’s safe for the students to be at school and to get their education the way students should. The only thing I wish could improve about Crestwood high school is the amount of kids who don’t mind their own business. Too much drama in that school roams around in a second. People who don’t even go to Crestwood tend to know a lot about it from gossiping.
My Crestwood High School experience has been great. They have offered me many resources and opportunities to challenge myself both mentally and physically. I have taken nine Advanced Placement classes, which I feel have exposed me to a variety of teaching styles and learning material. I have also been involved with the National Honor Society which has allowed me to volunteer within school and my community. I played on the basketball team for two years and the soccer team for four. Although it is a great school, I would like to see Crestwood add more extracurricular clubs. I would have loved to be apart of more throughout my high school experience but many were not offered. Crestwood High School is a great school that pushes students to both challenge and express themselves.
Iv had an excellent experience so far. The teachers are very helpful when you need them. I just don’t like how they don’t have air conditioning.
Crestwood School District is such a great environment. I came to Crestwood's School District back in 6th grade and little did I know, I was in for a great ride. One of the things I love about this district would be how diverse it is. You have many people from different backgrounds, religions and overall space. Having a diverse space like this is nice. If I could see a change in this district, I honestly wouldn't change anything to harsh. Little things such as the food and certain spaces in the school could use some help, but overall this district is great!
Crestwood has good classes in which some are taught by the best teachers ever. I love that there are new upcoming club to join, and I've had an amazing experience with the sports at school. Although, it is very hard to talk to administration at times.
I loved going to crestwood it was a great school. The teachers treat u like family and they go out of there way it always help you no matter what the case is.
Crestwood High School is a very good school overall. We have great diversity along with a great staff. Allowing students to take over 10 AP classes along with duel enrollment it truely prepares you for college. There are also numberous clubs that allow you to get to know people, make new friends, and allows you to find new interests to pursue. Faculty and administration are with you along the way and are involved in many school events so it really makes the school feel like a safe home for students.
Crestwood High School is a great school with great opportunities. The staff, teachers, and faculty there all help and guide you so you can have a better future.
Bathrooms are beyond disgusting. Students are never in class, allowed to freely leave the school as they please and they smoke in the bathrooms. Teachers dont give a damn. They pick favorites and neglect the rest of the class.
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Crestwood Highschool is a great high school in a great district. A great school that will definitely prepare you for college!
Crestwood is a very open and diverse high school, as a freshmen last year I fit in super quick because of all the different students, and staff.
If I could talk about one thing about Crestwood High School all day, it would be about their academics and college readiness. Crestwood has endless opportunities to get your ready for college, and because of their unlimited choice of classes, we get to work with children at the child care center and work in the wood shop and welding classes. The teachers at my school genuinely care about their students and make sure they can help us at the best of their ability.
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