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That teachers here have a true passion for teaching and try to engage their students. The counselors help the student with their futures and lives outside of school.
I loved my experience thus far at Crestwood. With one year remaining, I still have much to achieve. But, Crestwood as afforded me the opportunity to learn at my pace, has many great programs and wonderful teachers who support you every step of the way. The administrations makes the learning environment fun and they help put you in position to succeed.
Overall, I think the teachers here are very supportive and motivating. They are willing to go out of their way to help anyone. The administration and school board is very poor. They constantly overlook the most important programs that are offered.
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Crestwood is very different than most schools. It is very small, however that just means you get more of a one on one experience. Everyone is so friendly and hardworking, which provides a very good atmosphere for learning. I loved my experience at Crestwood and wouldn't trade it for the world!
My experience with Crestwood High School outweighs the good rather than the bad. This high school has given me an opportunity to play multiple sports. With that opportunity, I have developed bonds with a group of both girls and guys that I now can consider my family. If there was anything I would improve about the school it would be the updating of some parts in the building. A problem that many students face is overheating since there is no AC in the building. This makes the gym very hot so when the teams are practicing, well, it's a boil room. Overall, I wouldn't have wanted to come from a different yet crazy district. It has allowed me to grow and prosper. I've learned more from this district socially about life, than I would anywhere else.
I loved the teachers and the way they engaged in academics. I really hope to see the school itself updated here soon.
At Crestwood High School we are given little to no freedom. As of the 2019-2020 school year, Crestwood has partaken in the "no phone" movement and phones were immediately banned. Students have to have a planner on them at all times in order to go to the bathroom or to leave the classroom. If you don't have your planner on you, then you're just out of luck and not allowed to go anywhere. We're treated more as prisoners rather then students here. I'd like to bring back the freedom we used to have which made us feel more like adults. Teachers and supervisors weren't down our backs constantly and we actually felt like we were being prepared for the real world. Unfortunately, they shifted gears and we're back to feeling like middle schoolers again.
Crestwood Local School District like many older schools are trying to stay up with current technology. Unfortunately, the middle school and high school are the older buildings. There is no air conditioning and the computer labs are small. There are a few teachers who care about the learning habits of students, but others are there just to collect a paycheck. My overall experience was average.
Crestwood is an excellent school district with amazing teachers who genuinely care about their students and go above and beyond to help them learn and grow. The district works hard to ensure that all students are given the resources and opportunities they need to excel both in and out of the classroom.
It was a great atmosphere. I learned a lot from all the great teachers and made lifelong friends. We all love Crestwood and love to see all of the sports teams succeed in what they do.
This school was an average place to learn your subjects if you weren't looking for anything superior to other schools. The students were in their cliches and niches and you knew where you fit in. I wish I could help the school to give more educational opportunities as well as stop the bullying as days progressed.
The culture at Crestwood is amazing its more involved than another school I have attended. The staff is helpful and in encouraging. The surounding community is welcoming and its a great place to learn
great time, the teachers are friendly. the halls are nice and not alot of bullying, food is suprisingly decent o yeah.
My experience has been typical, just like any other high school student. I would like to see more diversity in the halls of Crestwood. Not only would i like to see that, I'd like to see acceptance of diversity. I would also like to see a safe space or decompression area for stressed students during finals week or all throughout the year.
I loved the art and choir program. Everything about crestwood, other than the progams i loved, was poor. I hated highschool and cannont wait untill I graduate
The American Experience Academy is what Crestwood really has going for it! Too bad there was poor support from most of the staff except for the wonderful teachers of academy and few surrounding teachers and staff that always believe in their students!!!
I am very happy with the education that my children are receiving at Crestwood Schools. I have met with some wonderful teachers and the guidance counselors are amazing.
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Personally, I have had amazing experiences at Crestwood, due to the efforts of 3 or 4 wonderful, dedicated, and engaging teachers. However, the majority of the teachers are not dedicated to learning, and focus on memorizing things in order to get high scores on state tests. Additionally, the administration is incompetent and is making efforts to cut valuable programs in order to save the jobs of incompetent teachers.
Crestwood high school has amazong teachers, and an athletic department. What I would like to see change would be to get air conditioning or the lockers.
The best part of Crestwood High school is the students. The student lead organizations are amazing when the administration does not hold them back. The teachers are also very good at their jobs, keeping students active in their studies. My favorite part about Crestwood is the academy program. It is a class that is three periods long and focuses on experiential learning rather than the tradition classroom experience. I have made many connections because of it.
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