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Crestview Local School District (Ashland) Reviews

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Crestview has always been a very welcoming school and has always put academics first. Also, Crestview has really been able to put the students first in any situation.
Crestview is an overall great school district but I feel like they focus more on what their students wear more than what they are learning.
Crestview was a very good school that had great teacher but struggled to offer enough classes t advanced students. Crestview was very active in encouraging students to pursue CCP class for their senior years though and helped students with textbook costs and fees.
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The area and people are very nice. However because the school is so small it limits the opportunities for students to further their education.
I really love the teachers at Crestview. However, I would love to see better administration. The school is very political.
Crestview is a small division III school in a rural area. Like many schools, there are beloved educators who really care for each student. However, Crestview has fallen behind its peers in collegiate preparedness and ACT scoring. Many schools in the area excel in this area. However, Crestview, unlike other schools in the area, DOES NOT offer any type of ACT preparedness course.
I have been at Crestview since Kindergarten. It is a very conservative school with community involvement , little or no diversity or culture. It is, however a school which assists students to succeed.
The best part of Crestview is the smaller student amounts per class and the friendliness of staff and most of their teaching methods.
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